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Swordfish on 8 of my last 9 trips! End of June and Early July swordfishing

I’ve been slammed busy here with swordfish charters the past couple weeks so I haven’t had time to share my reports. I have a good one for you now though! At the end of June I had the Thompson family out for 3 days of fishing. We swordfished the first two days. The first day Capt. Scott ran the boat and I worked the pit. We decided to hank crank with my new Talica 50 with 65 lb braid. We made 9 drops that day and had 3 bites. We wound up catch 2 swords. Andy caught his first ever swordfish, because usually the kids hog the rod. It was a juvenile so we tagged and released the fish. Later in the afternoon Conrad caught another juvenile around 50 lbs, but the fish was gut hooked so we kept it for dinner. We also had around 15 mahi, the biggest going 20 lbs.

6/26/15 sword


6/26/15 release swordfish

6/26/15 broadbill

6/26/15 mahi


Two days later we swordfished again. It was very slow all day for us. We caught around 10 mahi and at 4 pm we still hadn’t had a swordfish bite. Andy said we could go home after that drop, but I said let me try one more drop. We moved a couple miles and made one more drift. At 5:30 pm we still hadn’t had a bite and Derek was bringing up the swordfish bait with the beastmaster 9000. I told Andy I guess we should have tried for Golden Tilefish, a species that he said he’d love to catch one day. Less than a minute later the rod doubled over and Derek said “I think I got one!” Derek worked the reel, both electric and handcrank, the next 40 minutes and in the end we put a 95 lb swordfish in the boat. It was a long day, but well worth it in the end. We didn’t give up and it goes to show you that it ain’t over till it’s over!

6/28/15 swordfish

The last trip I had scheduled with them was another two days later and this time we were on the hunt for Golden Tilefish. We don’t catch a ton of them here, but we do get some nice ones. We rigged up two rods to deep drop with that day. On the third drop Derek hooked up. After 10 minutes he had the fish on the surface and it was a monster 36 lb golden tilefish! What a golden to start your career with! A couple drifts later Andy hooked up and he caught a 30 lber! We dropped for over 6 hours that day, and only had the 2 tilefish bites, but they sure were nice ones. Conrad was on the blackbelly rosefish, and between all of them we had over 15 “rosies”. It was a great 3 days of fishing with them and I look forward to having them back out again this winter.

6/30/15 golden tilefish

On the first trip in between when I had the Thompson’s out we caught a 114 lb sword,  a handful of mahi up to 32 lbs, and a nice tripletail. The other trip I had Roy catch and release his first ever sword on IGFA legal tackle. We set up the downrigger, and managed 1 bite that day, but luckily we caught it. We tagged it as well.

6/27/15 sword

6/27/15 broadbill

6/27/15 mahi

6/29/15 fight swordfish

6/29/15 tagged swordfish


The next trip we went 1 for 2 on swords, catching a 135 lber. The following day we went 2 for 2, tagging and releasing one and keeping a 90 lber for dinner. A couple days Later I fished Patrick on the Catch 22 and we had 2 bites, but our luck ran out as both of the fish got away. We did catch a few nice mahi up t 25 lbs though.

7/2/15 swordfish

7/2/15 swordfish jump

7/3/15 swordfish

7/5/15 mahi

My last two trips I had Barry and his son Garrett out. The first day was very rough, with 4 – 6′ seas. It was super uncomfortable drifting side to rocking and rolling, but we didn’t give up and in the afternoon we finally got a bite and Barry tagged and released a swordfish using the hooker electric. Garrett caught a nice 20 lb cow dolphin on the way home. The next day we took Barry, Garrett, and Kathy out. We had some dolphin action on the way out, catching about 10 fish , the biggest being close to 20 lbs. We made 6 swordfish drops and managed one bite, and Garrett caught a 50 lb swordfish.

7/6/15 swordfish boat

7/6/15 swordfish

7/6/15 release swordfish

7/7/15 mahi

7/7/15 swordfish

I have a handful of days available the next 4 weeks and then will be out of town for most of August, but September and October are two great months usually for swordfishing. Send me an email if you want to try your luck on a broadbill swordfish and we’ll give it a shot.

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