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September 2015 swordfish report

I made it out on a few daytime swordfish trips so far this September. We were fortunate and had action on each trip. I fished on all private boats since the Bn’M has been down for maintenance, and the Catch 22 was down for maintenance and then went to the Bahamas. The first trip was with David, who I met at one of George Poveromo’s National Saltwater Seminars. He wanted to learn how to swordfish, so we loaded his boat up early the morning and headed out. First drop we hooked up within 5 minutes! We released a 35 lb swordfish after 20 minutes and the day was already a success. The next drop nada. The third drop we moved spots and hooked up within a couple minutes. It wasn’t a huge fish, but still plenty big enough for dinner. We put a 75 lber in the boat and then did one more drop. No bites the last drop so we headed towards home and looked for dolphin. We found a nice weedline and caught a handful of gaffer size fish and then got a nice slammer Bull.

9:3:15 broadbill

9:3:15 mahi

The next trip I went out with the Dingle family. I went on their boat a month ago and we lost a fish boatside, but this time luck was on our side. Swordfish was our sole focus of the trip, so we weren’t wasting time on any type of fish. The first two drops didn’t produce anything. At lunch time we moved to another spot and third time was the charm. We sent the bait down and hooked up within a minute! The fish stayed down deep for a little bit and then moved fast towards the surface. The kids loaded the harpoon and grabbed the gaffs. After 25 minutes we had a nice swordfish on the leader. A few minutes later we had him close to the boat and a quick harpoon shot in the head, and 2 gaffs later we had subdued him. The fish was around 135 lbs. It was high fives for the whole family. We did one more drop but no more bites.

9:6:15 swordfish

9:6:15 swordfish

My last trip was with George Poveromo. We were shooting an episode for his TV series, World of Saltwater Fishing. We started out the morning by catching a handful of blackfin tuna, mahi, a pair of queen snapper, and then headed out to try for a sword. The first 3 drops were quiet. The 4th drop we moved spots and we hooked up after a few minutes. The rod just bent over and the fish was on. I thought it might be a big fish, but it wound up being a 70 lber or so, foul hooked in the dorsal fin. The fish was plenty big enough to bring home for the grill, so we put him in the boat. I’m pretty busy the next month or so, but I do have a few days open, and some more time in mid to late November, so send me an email if you want to try your luck for a broadbill swordfish.

9:21:15 queen snapper

9:21:15 swordfish

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Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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