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October Swordfishing… How it should be!

Well this entire year has had me puzzled a little bit about swordfishing. The fishing had been inconsistent, and unlike any other year we had ever seen since we started the whole daytime swordfishing thing here in the US. We caught some nice fish this year, and had a few decent stretches, but the times I knew it should have been good fishing, it wasn’t. But I kept telling everyone inquiring about a swordfish charter, as well as myself, I knew it was just a matter of time until we went out one trip and had a lot of action. Well that day finally came yesterday, as the Fall months are considered by many to be the best months to target broadbill. We left early in the morning and headed out of Islamorada with a light chop, and about 10 knots of wind. On the way out we saw some tuna birds working and stopped and trolled around for a little bit and caught a few “football” blackin tunas, in the 6 – 8 lb range. After that we picked up and started running again and I ran over a nice piece of bottom with fish on it, so we turned around a made a few deep drops. Sure enough we had some bites. We caught a couple blueline tilefish, and then a nice queen snapper. We lost some other fish which I believe were queen snapper as well because of the way they were fighting.

October 2013 queen snapper

October 2013 queen snapper

Since we had some dinner in the box we were off to a good start. We continued to run further offshore until we hit the sword grounds. We ran a lot further than my last trip to try a different area, since the trip before only produced 1 bite. Anyhow we get rigged up and send down the first bait. It didn’t take long, maybe two minutes and “Whack” “Whack” , the tip bounced and the fish was on! Vic got in the chair and the fish swam to the surface, as Vic wound up the slack line. After about 15 minutes we had the fish racing around the boat, about 10′ away at one point, but then he made a run down 400′. The fish settled back down, but after a few minutes we pulled the hook. Most people would have called it a “release”, but our team is a little different, and if our intent is to keep a fish for dinner and he gets away, we say he won. Anyhow we rigged back up and sent down another bait. This time again, after a couple minutes, we get a “whack”. The tip bounced, but the fish never comes back. We decide to check the bait to see if it was tangled, but it was fine. The next drift we go for a long while, but no bite. Thinking the bite might be over I rig up the secret bait. We reset and down it goes. We get our line down, but somethings not right, the concrete is gone and a fish is coming up immediately. I know the chances of catching this fish are slim, because a lot of times they are foul hooked or even just wrapped up in the leader when they attack it on the initial descent. Sure enough he pulls off. The same thing happens on the next drop too! We are having lots of action but things just aren’t working out. The fish aren’t eating the bait, and they are getting snagged! Well finally on the 7th drop we get one hooked good. Vic gets back in the chair and after a 20 minute fight has a 60 lb swordfish boat side. We are all happy that we finally had one stick. It’s getting late now, but I have my friend Robb out who never has caught a swordfish, so we decide to make one more quick drop. After about 10 minutes of waiting the rod loads up. Robb heads to chair and goes to work.

October swordfishing

October swordfishing

The fish never comes to the surface. He stays deep and we can see a tail beating action in the rod tip. I know we have another snagged fish, but we cross our fingers and hope the hooks are in good. After about 50 minutes of pulling up the fish backwards the fish comes to the surface. He was snagged and not going to survive, so we put him in the box for dinner. It was another fish around 60 lbs. Robb was stoked and I was happy for him too. Hopefully the next couple of months the fish are here to stay, but there’s only one way to find out. Get out on a Swordfishing Trip!

Till Next Time,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

October 2013 swordfish

October 2013 swordfish

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