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Monster 434.5 lb Sword in early June!

We had Mike and Becky out swordfishing yesterday on the BnM. They were celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary. The morning was stormy with quite a bit of rain. We wound up making 7 drops. We started before 9 am and at 3:55 pm Becky joked with me and asked if we didn’t catch anything if the trip was discounted. I thought it was pretty funny, and I told her we needed to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Charlie started cleaning things up, as it looked like we were going to get skunked and go home empty handed. At 4 pm I told her to start working the bait up. She stopped it a few times. When you are “big game fishing” one bite separates the great days from the slow days. At 4:02 I noticed the rod starting to load up. Within seconds it doubled over and we were hooked up! It felt like a miracle! The fish pulled down deep, and then started making it’s way to the top. All of a sudden, way off to the side of the boat I saw a splash. And a minute later another one. The only problem was I never saw the fish , so I didn’t know what we were dealing with. After 20 minutes we got the lead off. We got a quick look at the fish and could see this electric blue color down her back. Charlie took a shot with the dart; but no luck. She took off and went down 600′. We knew the fish was big, we figured 400 lbs. After 45 minutes I told everyone the fish would have to make a mistake, and come close to the boat and we’d have to try a shot with the dart. Becky worked the electric and the handcrank on the Shimano beast master. Sure enough, 20 minutes later the fish swam back up. She came across the transom and Charlie threw the dart. Bingo! He hit the fish mid body. She took off and went back down 500′. Another 45 minutes passed and the fish came back up. We hit her with the flying gaff and two straight gaffs. It was high fives all around. The day had been saved with seconds left. We had literally gone from zeros to heros with a Hail Mary! It was like hitting a grand slam with a full count in the bottom of the ninth. We pulled the fish in the tuna door (swordfish door for us), and headed for Bud n Marys Marina. We hit the dock at dark and hoisted the big fish up and the digital scale read 434.5 lbs! It was truely the fish of a lifetime and one that will never be forgotten. I thanked her for her life, and she is going to Feed a lot of people. I enjoyed some fresh steaks tonight with some friends and family. Never give up, swing for the fences, sure there will be boring days with no fish, but the days where you come through at the last minute will make it all worth it!

6:3:15 giant swordfish

6:3:15 monster sword on beastmaster

434.5 swordy

capt nick 434.5 lb swordfish

swordfish yeti


I fished one trip on May 30th as well and we caught 20 mahi up to 12 lbs, a pair of tripletail, and tagged and released one swordfish. We had one other swordfish bite that day that we pulled the hook on. Capt. Scott on the Catch 22 fished that day as well and caught 12 mahi and had one swordfish bite at the end of the day and they made it count and boated a 120 lber!

5:30:15 catch 22

5:30:15 swordfish tag and release

5:30:15 mahi

The next few months should give you a good shot at getting a swordfish, and if you don’t mind taking a gamble and trying for that one bite, consider fishing in Islamorada.

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Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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