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MONSTER 451.5 lb sword for John! And then a little bad luck the next few trips..

On July 26th I had John and Robert from Texas out daytime swordfishing in Islamorada. They follow me on facebook religiously and keep up with my catches. This day John was up first, since Robert got a sword last year. We ran two hours to get to the swordfish ledge. On the first drop Hunter and I both thought we saw a whack, where the rod tip bounced, but the fish never came back. It was hard to call it a “bite”, but we checked the bait and it was still fine. The second drop was very quite. No action at all. It was 11 am not and  I told John that the third drop could be the charm. Sure enough it was. Fifteen minutes into the drift we hooked up. The fish hit the bait a couple times before deciding to eat it. The rod loaded up, and it was heavy, but we had no idea if it was a small fish or a big fish. Twenty minutes into the fight we knew it was a big fish when it made a blistering run. John worked the reel and the fish came up. We got the weight off and the fish circled the boat, coming at the props. They do this a fair amount. I paid close attention though and had my hands on the throttles to stay just far enough away from the line. We caught a glimpse of the fish but we couldn’t tell how big it really was. After dancing around the boat for a twenty minutes the fish went down 800′. We couldn’t budge her the next thirty minutes. She did what she wanted. She’d go up and down, and we kept adding drag to the reel to try to slow her. Another thirty minutes passed and we started making some progress. We were at the two hour mark now and finally were gaining slowly. John stayed right on the reel, and added extra pressure when needed. The big got near the boat and was swimming alongside for fifteen minutes before she finally popped her head up. Hunter was quick with the dart and got her. I ran down from the bridge with a gaff and we put another gaff in her. It was a fish of a lifetime for sure! Everyone was excited. Now came the hard part, getting her in the boat. I tried to video so I wasn’t much help, but the three of them got her on the second try. The fish taped out with a 98” short length and a 54” girth. Back at the scale the beast weighed in at 451.5 lbs! Congrats John on a giant broadbill!

7:26:15 451 swordfish

7:26:15 451 swordfish

7:26:15 451 swordfish Capt. Nick

7:26:15 451 swordfish Capt. Nick

7:26:15 451 swordfish 2

7:26:15 451 swordfish 2


The next day Robert was up first. The morning was quiet, but mid day we managed a bite. The sword whacked it a couple times and then we hooked the fish. The excitement was short lived though because a minute later the fish got away. It was encouraging knowing there was one down there though. A couple drops later the rod doubled over and we hooked something big! Robert was up. He worked the reel, but we didn’t gain much the first thirty minutes. I had a sneaking suspicion it might be a thresher shark, even though they are pretty rare. We kept going up on the drag the next hour. It acted just like the big eye thresher shark I caught a few weeks ago. Finally after 2 hours and a lot of team work we had the leader. It was a 300 lb big eye thresher shark! I was a little disappointed it wasn’t a big swordfish, but it was still a beautiful creature and a lot more rare.  We took some pics, tagged the fish with a Gray Fish Tag, and then released it. We headed home after that battle.

7:27:15 big eye thresher shark 2

7:27:15 big eye thresher shark 2

7:27:15 big eye thresher shark

7:27:15 big eye thresher shark


The next few trips the swordfish had my number! On the first one we had 3 bites, and hooked 2 of them. We had the first fish that day all the way up to the windon leader and then we realized the fish had tangled the windon leader around the braid really bad. We tried to untangle it but the monofilament was already compromised so much  the leader broke shortly after. I know it was a nice fish because it brought up the weight very quickly. Later that day we lost another fish when he pulled off 20′ from the sinker. The next trip we had 3 bites but they all got away. I’m not sure if they were all small fish or what. We did catch a nice cow dolphin and a handful of other schoolies.

8/1/15 mahi

The following trip I had 13 year old Carson out, and he said he really wanted a swordfish. We caught 9 mahi on the way out and then went to dropping. I always like seeing young kids fish because it reminds me of myself. On the First drop we hooked up for a few minutes but the fish pulled off. Next drop the rod doubled up and the fish started coming up quick . Carson worked the reel and the fish made big moves throughout the water column. The fish acted like it might jump, but it never did. After 20 minutes we were 30′ from the sinker and then slack. The fish threw the hook and was gone. I didn’t give up though. We fished hard all afternoon, trying a few more spots, but the bite was over. I was getting frustrated because that was 4 trips in a row without a swordfish now! And threw of the trip we hooked fish and had them very close to the boat!

8/2/15 mahi

The trip after that I meant business. I had Darren and his family from Texas out on the BnM. Charlie was supposed to fish with me but in the morning he couldn’t lift his shoulder due to an ongoing problem with his rotator cuff, so it was up to me. On the way out we caught about 15 mahi so the kids were happy. After that we ran another hour to the sword ledge. We set up a deep water down rigger so Darren could hand crank. On the third drop we hooked up. We really didn’t know we had a fish on, partially because it was record size! That’s record size for probably the smallest swordfish I’ve ever caught! However, it was still a swordfish and the flags are all the same size! The fish was somewhere in the 10 – 12 lb range. We used a shimano talica 50 as the hand crank reel. We made one more drop after that but no more bites. On the way home we caught  a few more mahi up to 12  lbs. It was a great way to break the bad luck streak I had going and time to start a new catch streak!

8/3/15 juvenile sword


8/3/15 juvenile broadbill

8/3/15 mahi mahi


I have some open days in September and October, and the Fall is really my favorite time to swordfish when the weather cooperates. So send me an email to if you’d like to try your luck at catching a broadbill swordfish.

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