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Mid September 2013 Swordfish Action!

I knew it was just a matter of time before my uncle, Capt. Scott Stanczyk, or myself put a “monster” broadbill on the dock for the 2013 season. But as fate would have it “Unstoppable Scott” beat me to it. Scott received the nickname from a South African angler who came all the way over here to fish a couple years ago. He wanted to learn the daytime swordfish technique and they fished the roughest day either of us had ever attempted. They caught a sword that day and missed a few, but the South African yelled up to him, “You’re Unstoppable Scott!” The name stuck. Anyhow back to the swordfishing on the 16th of September. Scott had a couple from West Palm Florida out on the Catch 22 for a daytime swordfish charter. They knew the overall bite this year had been minimal shots, so to have a successful day they were gonna have to make the bites count! The morning started off slow. No bite the first drift. Then they did a second drift for another hour, still no bite. Then on the 3rd drop they got the right bite. The Big Broadbill Swordfish inhaled the bait and headed for the surface. Early in the fight they got a good look at the fish and knew it was a big one, atleast 200 lbs. But when they were still fighting it 3 hours later they thought it might be bigger. The fish went from the surface downwards to 1500′ nine different times! No other fish in the ocean could do that! A little while longer into the fight the big sword made a pass by the boat and they got the swordfish harpoon into the fish, but not a great shot. The fish raced down 500′ and the dart ripped out. Finally after a total fight time of 5 hours the fish had given up and came on the leader and they stuck the gaffs into it. Everyone was exhausted and thrilled. It was team work, and a dream fish come true!

9-16-13 catch 22 swordfishThe fish taped out with a short length of 90”. When they hit the dock and wheeled the fish over guesses of the fishes weight were from 300 to 350 lbs.


The fish weighed in at 340 lbs. A true catch of a lifetime! The fish was also a pumpkin, with orange tinted meat.


Today on September 17th I took the Bn’M out for a swordfishing trip and the weather was less than ideal. Storms surrounded us and squalls passed through all day long. We focused on our goal though, and that was to catch a broadbill swordfish! Bill and Tom had been out a few other times with some great fishing captains, but the swords had always eluded them. It appeared like they might elude us today too. We hadn’t had any action and it was now lunch time. But finally after a big rain band storm passed, we got a bite.

9-17-13 bad weather

Something didn’t seem exactly right though. We could see the fish thumping on the rod, and we saw the Break Away snap, but the concrete weight was stuck on something. Well after an hour of winching up the concrete we saw that it had got tangled up on the line, but there was still a fish on! We removed the weight and up comes Bill’s first ever swordfish! It wasn’t a monster, but a little saying we have is “a sword is a sword”, and a swordfish we had.

9-17-13 Swordfish catch and release

We took a few quick pictures before reviving the fish and releasing it to fight another day.

9-17-13 broadbill release

It was Tom’s turn now in the chair, and sure enough an hour later we hooked up. The fish acted like a good one. He raced around down deep for a few minutes, and then swam up into the current like most of them do. After 20 minutes we go the fish on the swordfish windon leader, and we could just start to see him.

9-17-13 fight swordfish

Then we realized he actually saw us and the fish started to make a run and unfortunately we pulled the hook! Tom said it was the closest he’d ever been to catching his first swordfish, so he was still excited. We did one more drop with no bites and called it a day. We are going to try again tomorrow, so hopefully Tom gets his first broadbill while swordfishing in Islamorada, Florida Keys.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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