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May and early June 2016 Swordfish Report

Well it was the best spring I had on swordfish many years!!!  From late March until early June I went on 23 swordfish trips and we caught 1 or more swordfish everytime!!! Most trips yielded one fish, but we had two fish on a few of them and three fish on one trip. On the 24 trip we caught something better than a swordfish, the first ever reported bigeye tuna off Islamorada!!! It weighed in at 211.5 lbs!!!

bud n mary's bigeye tuna

bud n mary’s bigeye tuna

211 bigeye tuna Islamorada

211 bigeye tuna Islamorada

211 bigeye tuna 2

211 bigeye tuna 2

I swordfished the next day after the big tuna catch and we had 2 bites but lost a small one sword about 50′ away. Sure some people would consider it a catch, and even though we were going to release him he was too far out for me personally to consider it a “catch and release”. The past few weeks we caught mahi on about half of the trips, some days just a couple but one day we had 17 mahi up to 20 lbs. In late May we had two swordfish on consecutive trips that both weighed in at 257 lbs!!! We also caught a “pumpkin” swordfish one day, and you can really see the difference in the color of the meat next to a normal swordfish. The royal red shrimp is what dies the meat apparently.



pumpkin swordfish

pumpkin swordfish

pumpkin swordfish vs normal swordfish

pumpkin swordfish vs normal swordfish




We had some small fish we tagged and released as well, in the 30 – 50 lb range, as well as some mid size fish in the 100 – 170 lb range. Capt. Charlie on the Bn’M also got in on some swordfish action catching a 255 lber one trip, 195 lber another trip, and missing 1 fish his last trip. I think we should see swordfish the next few months and I hope the Fall is as good as it was the past few years. I have a few days open in August and some in September as well. Email me at if you’d like to book a trip on the new 37′ Freeman “Broad Minded”. I am busy the throughout July, but Capt. Charlie on the the 34′ Bn’M has some days available.






Tight Lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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