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Late October Swordfishing on the BnM II

What a Fall it’s been for broadbill swordfish during the daytime. I made it out on 3 daytime swordfish trips the last week and a half in October and the streak continued! We caught fish each trip!  A lot of the fish have been “pups” or juveniles, but they are still beautiful creatures and I am happy to catch and release them. The first trip we went 3 for 4 on hook ups. The first fish was the biggest one of the day, but unfortunately we pulled the hook about 50′ from the boat. He wasn’t a monster but definitely would have been dinner! We made 6 more drops that day and managed 3 other bites and fortunately caught them all. The fish were from 25 – 50 lbs. They had some of the most brilliant colors you’ll ever see on a fish!

daytime broadbill 10/22/14

Not many other fish have these blue’s and purple’s like a sword.

release sword 10/22/14

It’s always nice to know there’s a good population of juvenile fish to ensure a new breeding stock in the years to come.

release swordfish

A swordfish looks into the camera as he heads from the surface back to the depths.

My next trip out was a trip I donated to the CCA to raise money for the organization. I had a group of guys from the Tropical Angler’s Club in South Miami. We managed to catch and release 2 swords that trip. We hooked one other one that got off early and had one other cheap bite that just whacked the bait once or twice.

10:30:14 swordfish

This swordfish couldn’t resist the old squid.

10:30:14 daytime swordfish

Bob and his friends from the Tropical Anglers Club hold up a juvenile sword before release.

My next trip I wound up taking my Dad, his friend Vic, their long time friend David, and my girlfriend Sara out. I had a charter booked but unfortunately the customer got very sick two days before and had to cancel. In the morning we wanted to experiment with the down rigger set up. More and More people are having success using the down rigger, but I have only tried one other time. We rigged it up and sent the first bait down. David wanted to hand crank his swordfish if we hooked up. It didn’t take more than a minute and we could see both rods bouncing around. The fish whacked the bait 5 or 6 times. But then he stopped. We new something wasn’t right, so we brought up the hooker electric reel, which was serving as the down rigger, as well as the manual reel with the bait. Sure enough the bait got fouled on the hook. We made a couple more drifts and we hooked up again. This time the fish hit the bait while we were dropping the rig. The fish started taking line at a good speed. We got the rod in the chair. The excitement was short lived though. I think the fish was foul hooked, because we pulled the hook minutes later and the bait came up fine. We switched up the game plan and went to some quick drops with break away weights. We sent down two rods, but unfortunately one snagged immediately. I guess I lose my temper a little when we snag, probably because it’s over $300 in braided line/tackle/lights/hooks/windon leader etc. So Bam! We bust that off.  We shake it off and decided we aren’t going home till we catch a swordfish. We run back south to re set and we find a barrel floating. We pick off two big tripletail and a couple mahi. Things finally are going our way!

10:31:14 tripletail


After putting a few dinner fish in the boat we make another drift and hook up with a sword! It wasn’t a big fish, but it was a sword nonetheless. David releases the fish and everyone is smiling again.

10:31:14 swordfish release

We release the fish after 20 minutes and reset. We make another good drift but no bites. I decide we have time for one more drop. We run 10 minutes south and send down the two rods. Vic is on one, and David on the other. The wind is coming from the west and pushing us deeper than we wanted. They said we could wind up real quick and move in shallower. I say we’ve caught them out here plenty of times. David moves his bait. I look over and the rod slowly doubles over. FISH ON! We had the 50 wide down on the key largo rod and it was walking the line off. We get Vic’s rod up and David goes to the chair.

10:31:14 fight swordfish

I know the fish is a decent one, but we weren’t sure how big. The fish raced the surface fast. We got the fish on the wind on leader after 30 minutes, but couldn’t see him because it was the late afternoon sun. The fish went back down 500′. It was a heck of a fight on the 50 wide with 60 lb braid. After about an hour fight we had the fish boat side and sank the gaffs into a nice 150 lb broadbill! It was Dave’s biggest daytime sword, (he did catch our biggest night timer ever at 301 lbs). We took a few pictures and then headed for the barn.

10:31:14 broadbill swordfish

November is still one of my favorite months to try for swords. We just need decent weather to make the run and fish effectively, so send me an email to if you want to get out there and have a go! There’ no doubt that Islamorada is the best place to go swordfishing in the world!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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