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Late May 2014 and June 1st swordfish report

I got out on 4 daytime swordfishing charters the past week here in Islamorada. The weather was just right, and there was some fish in the area! The first day we fished we made 4 drops and had 2 bites. We hooked both fish and wound up catching a 100 lb fish and a 90 lb fish. We used the the hooker electric handcrank special, and once the fish were tight on the line we disconnected the motor, moved the rod to the fighting chair, and the kids went to work!

5-25-14 fight swordfish

It’s a really neat piece of equipment having the option to use an electric assist when needed (especially for checking the bait in deep water), as well as being able to take the motor off and use the reel in standard conventional form. We also caught over 20 mahi that day, including one nice 20 lb cow.

5-25-14 swordfish

The next two days we fished on the Bn’M II were two of the most memorable days of fishing I have ever experienced. We had a special angler aboard from Alabama. It was Logan Prickett. He has been in a wheel chair the last 6 years with limited movement, limited speech, and legal blindness. He just finished high school though and his mom promised to take him to do whatever he wanted. Well that wish was to catch a swordfish! I explained to them that the broadbill swordfish was one of the most difficult fish to target and they don’t come easy. They didn’t mind and said it was Logan’s trip and they’d do whatever it took. Well the first day we hooked two swordfish on the first two drops. We got both fish within a few hundred feet of the boat, but they both shook loose. It was a long afternoon on the first day because we didn’t have any more swordfish bites, and his fish wish still wasn’t answered. I told them maybe we should just do a more standard day of fishing the following day, that way everyone could have some action and I thought they would enjoy it more. When they showed up in the morning Logan said he came to catch a swordfish, and that’s what we were gonna do. His grandma said we are gonna catch 2 today! We ran out and sent down the bait. It was the hooker electric hand crank special again, and logan sat in his chair right next to the rod. Sure enough we got a bite after 20 minutes of drifting. It was a group effort, as we helped him work the reel, and he helped crank with with his hand.

5-31-14 wheel chair swordfish

After 30 minutes we had the fish on the leader. The fish started thrashing on the surface. He even made a few small jumps. We kept steady pressure on him and were able to get the gaffs in the fish. I was so happy for Logan! We pulled the fish over the gunwhale and Logan felt the bill, the tail, and the fishes body. He cracked a smile from ear to ear. We had made his day, and he had made ours.

5-31-14 swordfish wheel chair

He said he wanted to try one more drop, so we dropped again. After 1 5 minutes of drifting we hooked up. This time it was a small sword, around 40 lbs which we let go. I asked if he wanted to try again and he said he wanted to go do something where everyone else on the boat could catch some fish. We caught a dozen schoolie mahi on the way in and one gaffer around 12 lbs. It was a day I’ll remember the rest of my life.

Today we got an early start. We ran out to the ledge and got our bait down early. We didn’t get a bite the first drift, so I was a little discouraged. The next drift though, I saw that tap tap in the rod tip. It bounced an inch and I ran back to move the bait. I felt the fish grab the bait and within a few seconds we were tight. Fish on! Dale worked the reel and after 30 minutes we had a good size swordfish jumping on the leader. We got the the fish close, but not close enough. He took off over 700′ and it became a tug of war. The fight lasted right around an hour, but we wound up putting two gaffs in the fish and pulling a nice one in the boat.

6-1-14 gaff swordfish

It was the biggest fish I actually boats on my boat since I got it in April 2013. The fish had a lower jaw length of 77″ and weighed in at a respectable 205 lbs! We made a short day of it since we had a nice fish in the boat. On the way in we caught 10 mahi before we reached the edge of the reef.

6-1-14 bnm II swordfish

We got some great pics of the fish and I know Dale and his son will remember this fishing trip for a long time to come. The summer and fall are great months to try for broadbill, so send me and email and let’s get you out there. The Catch 22 also fished one day last week and caught a 40 lb fish and an 80 fish.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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