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January 2015 swordfishing update

It’s been super busy here the last few weeks with charters, so I was a little behind on posting some fishing reports from recent broadbill swordfish charters. We had a big day on the Bn’M II on the 23rd of December, going 4 for 4. Three of the fish were in the 60 lb range and one was a juvenile pup about 30 lbs. It was also a special day because the big guy popped the big question and asked his girlfriend to marry him! She said Yes and it was a first for me on a fishing trip! Congrats!

12:23:14 broadbill

12:23:14 daytime swordfish

12:23:14 broadbill swordfish

My next trip was a few days later with the Horton family. We tried to fish a month prior, but got blown out with the wind, but this time it was fishable. They were excited because off the success I had a few days before. But fishing is always fishing, and things change day to day. We made a few good drifts in the morning, but never had a bite. Everyone started losing hope after lunch time, but we kept at it and didn’t give up. Finally at 2 p.m. I thought I saw a bite. Sometimes you see things after staring at a rod tip for 5 hours. Sure enough I saw it again, and I knew we had a broadbill interested in the bait. Matty moved the bait, and wham! The rod doubled over and we were hooked up! He worked the fish near the boat and it jumped out of the water about 15′ away! I knew it was a nice fish, over 100 lbs. The fish went down about 150′ after that. About 15 minutes later we got the fish up to the boat and his Dad Kenny stuck a gaff in him. It was a successful day, and their first ever swordfish! The fish weighed in at 102 lbs. We took a few pics and headed home. They also 0rded a replica mount by Gray Taxidermy to hang up at their house to remember the day.

12:28:14 swordfish

I fished the next day at a different area and managed 3 bites. We caught one small sword about 50 lbs, lost another on the wind on leader, and one bite we never hooked up on. We also caught a queen snapper on the way home. Capt Scott on the Catch 22 also fished this day and had a one bite and fortunately landed it, which was about an 80 lb broadbill.

12:23:14 release swordfish

12:29:14 queen snapper

My next trip was a few days later, in early January. We had 3 bites again this day, but only one stayed on for a couple minutes before shaking loose. I think all of the fish were small.

A few days later I fished one more trip. We did a little deep dropping on the water out and managed a few nice queen snapper, and a monster 42 lb snowy grouper! The main target was swordfish though. After having a few fish in the box we ran another 45 minutes and sent down the sword bait. It didn’t take but 2 minutes to get a bite! I don’t think they believed me when I hollered we had a bite. But the fish ate the bait and raced the weight to the surface. When I unsnapped the weight the fish jumped about 100′ behind the boat. The fish stayed right on top and swam by the boat and I was able to reach him with a gaff. It was a decent fish, right close to 100 lbs.

1:7:15 bnmII

The winter time and early spring months were definitely tough in 2014, but hopefully 2015 will keep going as consistent as it was the last few months of 2014. Send me an email to if you’d like to try your luck at a broadbill swordfish!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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