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First Sword of 2014!

Everybody always asks me “when is the best time to swordfish?” My usual answer is “My favorite months are May through November”. But I try to tell them “We have caught them every month, and usually fish ideal weather conditions when possible.” Yesterday was a gorgeous day here to go on an Islamorada Swordfishing Charter. We had light winds at 10 mph and cool air temperatures. We left Bud n’ Mary’s Marina  just before 7 a.m. and went to do some “deep dropping”. Most people refer to bottom fishing in 400′ – 800′ of water as deep dropping. But that really isn’t deep compared to swordfishing in the daytime! We started out using chicken rigs in 800′ of water. We didn’t catch anything our first drop. Our next drop landed a nice blueline tilefish that weighed 9 lbs. We had dinner in the box now. Our next drop though, we found the queen snapper! For the next two hours it was game on, dropping down and bringing up theses beautiful bright pink snapper. They were very nice size too, averaging 12 – 16 lbs. We wound up catch a dozen snapper and three tilefish.

1-26-14 queen snapper

We then decided it was time to go try our luck for  broadbill swordfish. We ran another 45 minutes to the ledge and sent down a bait. After drifting for 15 minutes we had the “tap tap” we were looking for. The rod tip just bounced an inch or two, and we knew there was  a sword down there. It took some convincing to get the fish to eat the bait, but the fish finally grabbed the bait and the Key Largo rod loaded up. The fish pulled a little drag down deep, and then started making his way to the surface. Rich was in the chair and cranked nice and steady on the fish. He thought we might be pulling his leg though, since there wasn’t hardly and weight on the line, but we assured him that this was the dance that most of them do. When you hook these fish down deep you have no idea how big they are, and if they are even on the line sometimes, because 80% of them swim straight to the surface. Once we got on the wind on leader on the reel after 20 minutes Rich could feel the fish. We got about 30 feet away and all of a sudden the fish screamed out drag and made an incredible jump behind the boat!

1-26-14 swordfish jump

We knew we had the right one on the line! The fish zipped around the surface for a few minutes, and then booked it down deep to 500′ in less than a minute. It was another 35 minute fight, up and down, until we finally got the wind on leader back on the reel. Eventually the fish tired and Rich brought him up boat side and we sank the gaffs into a nice broadbill swordfish. The fish was right close to 140 lbs and we were ecstatic.

1-26-14 swordfish

We still had a few hours left to drop, so we made a few more drifts. Unfortunately we didn’t have any more bites, but it only takes one bite to have a great day! If we would have missed the bite it would have been a slow day on the swords, but it only takes one to go from a zero to a hero! Congrats Rich on your nice Broadbill Swordfish! Send me an email or give me a call when you’re ready to try your luck on a swordfish trip!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

1-26-14 bottom fish

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