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End of March Swordfishing

March can be a windy month here while swordfishing in Islamorada. We do catch broadbill all year long, but calmer weather makes it much easier to fish. Last Thursday and Friday we had two very windy days. Turns out I had some die hard fisherman both days though, and 20 – 29 knot winds didn’t scare them. Thursday we had 22 – 29 knot winds up and down the reef when we left, which made for an uneasy ride out, but we chugged along at 10 knots, and after two and a half hours we made it to the sword grounds. This without a doubt was one of the roughest days I have Daytime dropped. We had some swells that we 8 – 10′! The Bn’M II was up for the challenge though!

3:27:14 ride out

We made out first drop with the Hooker Electric Hand Crank Special at 10:00 a.m. We drifted about an hour with no bite. It was very rough and I knew it would be difficult to see a bite. It is an amazing thing that a fish as big as a swordfish only moves the rod tip an inch or two when he whacks the bait. I put on a different bait for the second drop and we sent it down. We drifted for about 30 minutes. Everybody was watching the rod, but I thought I saw something “funny”. I wasn’t sure if it was just a wave, or what, since the boat was rocking around in the steady 5 – 8′ waves. I didn’t say anything and walked back to the rod. I moved the bait around a little bit and the rod loaded up! We were tight! We hooked a swordfish in the super rough conditions!

3:27:14 hooker electric hand crank

The fished pulled down deep for a little while before he surfaced. I knew it had to be a decent size fish because we had a 10 lb stick lead on there and the fish came up with it with ease. We got to the 500′ mark and the fish was scoped out on top. I maneuvered the boat the best I could to pick up the slack line. With it being so rough it was difficult, but after a few minutes we had the daytime swordfish wind on leader on the reel. Ricardo and his 3 brothers were very excited. They had never seen a swordfish. The fish was swimming down sea in the waves and I could see his dorsal fin. We played the fish out a couple more minutes and then I took a chance backing across the waves and Marc reached out with the gaff and hit the broadbill right behind the head! I ran back and put a second gaff in the fish. We had Success! The guys were eating fresh swordfish for dinner and they were ecstatic!

3:27:14 swordfish

The fish measure out with a 62” fork length and weighed around 110 lbs. We decided to make one more drop since we were out there, but after an hour with no bite we ran back towards home. The ride home was much better since it was down sea and we didn’t get nearly as wet! Not many boats at the marina could have swordfished as we did that day on my 36′ jersey devil, but we had the right boat under us for the mission! We hit the dock and I cleaned up the broadbill for them. The fish had beautiful meat, with a touch of pinkish/orange to it. It wasn’t a full fledged “pumpkin” with bright orange meat, but it did have some color.

3:27:14 sword fillet

After filleting the fish I pulled out an interesting looking “creature from the deep”. It was black with lots of teeth and very slimy looking. I’m not positive what it is, but I have seen them before. We swordfished again on Friday in 20 – 23 knots winds. It was a very rough ride out, and we managed 1 bite on 6 drops during the day, but it was very rough and no one noticed the bite. We gave it a good effort and are gonna get the guys back out again for them in the Summer or Fall when conditions are typically a little better! Send me an email at when you’re ready to try your luck for a daytime broadbill swordfish!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

3:27:14 deep water fish

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