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Early September Daytime Swordfishing

We are entering my favorite time of the year to go daytime swordfishing. I really the Fall months, and as long as the weather cooperates you have a really good shot at getting on fish! I fished one trip at the end of August on a 36′ yellowfin. I brought my own daytime swordfish tackle, and went out with John and his wife on his own boat. It was a little windy that day, as the days prior, so it was a choppy ride out. The first drop however we hooked up. We were using the hooker electric reel on a custom key largo swordfish special rod. Unfortunately John’s wife got sea sick so I knew it was going to be a short day. Luck was on our side though, as John worked the fish to the surface, and we caught a broadbill swordfish within the first 20 minutes of fishing!

8:27:14 broadbill release

It wasn’t a monster, but our old saying goes, “a sword’s a sword”. It was  a very pretty and healthy fish, and after a couple minutes we had him revived and released him to fight another day. John was stoked to see his first broadbill and I am always happy to see one! We made one more drop before calling it a day without a bite. We were home early, but the mission was a success.

8:27:14 swordfish release

My next trip came the first week of September. I had Michael down from Alabama. Michael caught his first sword with me back in July, but he is obsessed and wanted to come back down for more! Michael brought his mom, Mary, along the first day. It was quite in the morning, but then around lunch time we had a bite. It was a very subtle, but when you watched very carefully you could see the tip bounce a little bit when the fish hit the bait. After a couple minutes we hooked the fish up. We detached the hooker electric drive from the 80 wide reel and got Michael in the chair.

9:3:14 swordfish

The fish acted a little strange, and took a little while to get up. After about 30 minutes we had the swordfish behind the boat. The fish was wrapped up in the leader and foul hooked. Which explained why the fish didn’t swim to the surface sooner. It was a juvenile broadbill, but Michael was stoked as it was his second ever sword, and his mom was happy she got to see him catch a swordfish!

9:4:14 swordfish release

We fished the rest of the afternoon and had one other bite. We never came tight on the fish. The next day Michael fished with us by himself. I ran to a different area, but the truth is “the grass ain’t always greener”. We ran an extra 10 miles to start the day, and worked our way further and further, but after 6 good drifts, the only thing we had to show for it was a cuban night shark. We released the 100 lb shark and unfortunately never had a sword bite. I really thought they were gonna bite, but in hindsight I should have fished where I fished the day before. Knowing the two bites we had there though were small fish, I wanted to go after “Fred”. The giant swordfish that we have been chasing all these years. “Forklift Fred”. The one we will pull out of the boat with the forklift at Bud n’ Mary’s Marina when we back in. I think the bite will turn back on, it might have just been an off day. The dark side of the moons have been better for us the last couple months too, so in a week or two might be better than around the full moon, which is were we are at now.

Let me know if you want to set something up and try your luck chasing a daytime broadbill.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk or 305 481 0366

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