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Early March Swordfishing in Islamorada

We’ve had some unusually nice weather early March here the past week while swordfishing in Islamorada. A lot of times we have to cancel our sword trips this time of year due to high wind, but not the last couple of days at Bud n’ Mary’s marina. Capt. Richard Stanczyk fished with Capt. Charlie Scoble on the Bn’M on the 4th and they managed to release 2 juvenile broadbill. They hooked one other fish that seemed a little bigger, but it shook loose during the fight.

3-4-14 broadbill swordfish

On the 5th both the Bn’M II and the Catch 22 were out on daytime swordfishing charters. Both boats had a swordfish bite early, but neither of us connected and hooked the fish. A little while later we hooked a broadbill on the Bn’M II, on my new Hooker Electric Hank Crank Special, which has a completely detachable motor, so once a fish is hooked the motor pops off the side with two push buttons, and you fight the fish on a traditional conventional reel.

3-5-14 fight swordfish

We got the swordfish all the way to the surface, where he started thrashing around, with his bill in the air, but unfortunately he threw the hook. The guys were excited to have seen their first ever swordfish, and to have been that close to catching one, so we didn’t waste anytime and sent a bait right back down to the bottom. After a few minutes we hooked back up! It was fighting funny from the start, so we thought shark. But then it made some big runs, so I figured maybe a foul hooked swordfish. But I wasn’t sure, and I said only time would tell. After an hour we got the windon leader on the reel, a  few minutes later a giant tail popped up behind the boat.

3-5-14 big eye thresher shark tail

It was a rare big eye thresher shark! This is such an awesome looking creature, with beautiful colors, a giant eye, and an unmistakable long tail. It was only the 2nd one I have ever caught, and was right around 300 lbs. We took a few photos and sent the fish back on his way.

3-5-14 big eye thresher

3-5-14 big eye thresher shark

We tried one more swordfish drift with no bites, so decided to stop by the hump on the way home and vertical jig some amberjack. After an hour everyone had sore arms and we had caught 8 jacks from 5 – 53 lbs. The Catch 22 made a couple more sword drops and drifts after we left, but no luck either. The swords bit early that day, and just for a short while.

3-5-14 amberjack

There should be some bigger swords here for the spring months, so hopefully the weather cooperates and lets us fish for them. Send me an email or give me a call when you’d like to try your luck for a broadbill! or 305 481 0366

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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