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Early June 2014 daytime swordfishing report for Islamorada

What a week to go on a swordfishing charter in Islamorada! The weather has been spectacular; light winds, calm seas, and plenty of clear skies. There’s even been a few broadbill around to make things interesting! I fished the past 4 days and had action on 3 of them. The first trip on the Bn’M II we had a father and two sons out. The first drop of the day we hooked up after 10 minutes. The fish turned out to be about a 40 lb sword which we took a couple pics of and then released. The next drop got a little more exciting. We hooked up on the hooker electric hand crank special, then detached the electric drive off the 50 wide shimano and moved the rod to the chair. The fish came up within 20 minutes and we knew it was a nice fish. He scoped up and put a good angle in the line.

photo 1

We got the fish back on the wind on leader after 30 minuntes, but then he made another blistering run down 700′. After a total fight time of 80 minutes we got the fish on the leader and stuck it with two gaffs. It was a nice fish, which weighed in at 177 lbs. Not a bad swordfish!

photo 2

The next day was dissapointing for swords. We hammered the same area, but never had a sniff! We caught some mahi for some action, which we have been catching some of each day while swordfishing as well as running and out to the sword grounds. Yesterday I had Glen out looking for broadbill. The last time we fished together was a few years ago, but he decided to come back for more! The morning was very quite. We were patient though and after waiting all day we hooked up.

photo 3

Glen fought the fish in the chair for 2o minutes and we got the fish about 25′ away. It wasn’t a monster, but a legal fish around 75 lbs. The hook pulled while the fish was on the leader, some people would technically call it a release, but since Glen wanted to eat it, we didn’t count it. The next drop we hooked up again. The fish was heavy and didn’t come up very fast. It took about 30 minutes and we got the fish on the leader. It was a foul hooked juvenile sword, which explains the funny fight. The fish came up sideways from 1500′. We took a quick picture and revived the little guy before releasing him to fight another day.

photo 4

Today I had Larry and Oscar from Miami out chasing swords. We worked hard but did manage to get some bites. We hooked up on the first drop very quickly, but the fish pulled off 500′ down. The next drop we let go a 40 lb swordfish. We didn’t get any bites the next couple drifts, but then we hooked up again in the afternoon. The next fish we got all the way to the wind on leader, but right when the splice hit the tip the fish shook off. The fish seemed small, but I would have atleast liked to see him. We decided to make one more drop, and while waiting for a bite we caught 15 mahi that swam up to us. We start winding up the rod and we were tight! The rod was heavy, partially because we had a ton of line out after drifting 40 minutes, but we were excited to see what we had. After about 30 minutes we had the fish on the leader and it was another juvenile sword, about 25 lbs. It was nice to get some action with the bites, even though they were small. The Catch 22 also made a drop today and let go a 25 lb swordfish. I’m headed back out the next few days hoping the weather holds up. The next few months are a great time to try your luck for broadbill swordfish, so send me an email at if you’d like to set up a trip.

photo 5

Capt. Nick Stanczyk



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