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Early February Swordfishing in Islamorada

We got out on two daytime swordfish charters the past week aboard the Bn’M II. The first day we started out by doing some deep dropping for snapper on the way out. We managed to catch 9 big queen snapper up to 15 lbs and one nice 8 lb blueline tilefish. These are some great eating fish, but we had an even better plan for them. The guys on the boat just wanted enough for dinner, so we donated the rest of the them to the Paralyzed Veterans that come down to fish a couple days in Islamorada each year. Kevin from Kev’s Cafe at the marina cooks a big fish fry at the marina for them and they enjoy a little party while overlooking the ocean one afternoon.

queen snapper

queen snapper

From our bottom fishing success we headed out another hour in search of swordfish. None of the guys had ever fished for them before, but they knew what to expect. We would put our time in to get a chance at hooking a fish of a lifetime. We made 5 great drifts, and swordfished for over 5 hours, but unfortunately never had a bite. We tried a few different areas, and all different depths, but it just wasn’t meant to be. They weren’t discouraged though, and I’m sure they’ll be back to give it another shot!

However, our next trip a couple days later proved a different story. We had a Russian family out, and fortunately the daughter spoke English. The morning was rough, but we took our time getting out and headed to the closest spot we fish. We had 20 knots winds and 4 – 5′ seas in our face for over two hours. We finally reached the swordfish ledge and sent down a bait. Sure enough after 20 minutes of drifting we got a bite. It was a very light bite, but we played around with the fish and hooked him after a few tries. It was about a 20 minute fight in the chair, mostly just from cranking up 1800′ of line, but at the end of it was a juvenile broadbill! We took a couple quick pictures of the fish in the boat, then put a research tag in the fish and sent him on his way. Everyone was happy! The ride was worth it.

2-3-14 broadbill swordfish


We reset, and went right back to the numbers. We got the bait down where we wanted it, but something didn’t seem right. As soon as we locked up the drag the line went slack. A swordfish had ate the bait instantly and was headed to the surface. Back in the chair the father went. After about 15 minutes we had out 2nd swordfish to the boat. The fish was small again, but we were excited to tag and release another sword.

tag and release swordfish

We made 2 more drifts the next two hours, but no luck. The bite had shut off. We called it an early day and headed back towards home. They asked if we could stop to catch something for dinner on the way, and I knew exactly what to do. We sent down a couple chicken rigs in 700′ and within 30 minutes had 4 tasty blueline tilefish in the boat. We were back to the dock before 3 p.m. and put up our two release flags. When the weather is good you always have a shot to get a broadbill, but the next couple months can be windy, so when the conditions are right hopefully I’ll be back out there and have another report for you.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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