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  • 4 anglers
  • Custom gear
  • No fuel surcharge
  • 12 hour trip


Daytime Swordfish Tackle

You can get custom daytime swordfishing tackle packages through Florida Keys Swordfishing now. Use what the Stanczyk’s use to catch broadbill swordfish. We have everything you need to catch swordfish in the daytime. We have swordfish lights, harpoons, the reel crankie, skirts, custom swordfish wind-on leaders, and more!

STANZ Daytime Swordfish Rod = $750

STANZ Stand up swordfish rod/bottom fish rod = $700

Capt. Nick Stanczyk Designed the STANZ daytime swordfish rods after logging nearly 1100 broadbill swordfish! The daytime swordfish rods come with a number 4 (80# class) bent butt and are 7′ in length. They are designed to fish braid with all ring guides and a roller tip. The Stand up swordfish comes with a number 2 butt (50 class) and can be used for both stand up swordfishing as well as deep drop bottom fishing for grouper, tilefish, and snapper.

STANZ swordfish rod.jpg

STANZ swordfish rod.jpg

Stanczyk Swordfish Rod

Stanczyk Swordfish Rod



STANZ daytime swordfish rod

STANZ daytime swordfish rod

Hooker Electric Hank Crank Special (Detachable drive motor) = $3170 (conventional reel not included in price) – We invented and patented a new hand crank reel, especially for those charter captains and fisherman who enjoy the sport of fishing. We received a lot of interests for a custom reel to catch swords hand cranking with the ability to have hi speed gear plus the option of an electric. So we reached out and got some great idea’s from our local captains that do it for a living. We came up with this one of a kind, removable drive unit that comes off with a press of a button. You are left with an original light weight reel, a full hi-speed gear and no resistance from the motor. This reel has all the great features of the original Hooker Electric, plus the option to hand crank in hi gear. Made for Shimano Tiagra two speed series or Penn International two speed series. We can have your existing reel customized or you can order a new reel ready to go with motor. You can add a brand new Shimano Tiagra 80w for a $869.95 or a Penn 80 vsw for $899.95. You can also order a standard Hooker Electric Reel (converts your reel into an electric) for $2370 on a supplied Shimano or Penn 80 wide, if you need the reel add in the reel price too.



Swordfish Wind-on Leader = Heavy Current 150′ long windon leader made with 200 # test = $60

LP Multi Color Electralume Light (disco) = $48.75

Duralite Diamond Blinker = $14.95

Custom 2-piece swordfish harpoon = $350.00

Brass Harpoon Dart = $15.00

Reel Crankie = $150.00 (The Reel Crankie works great on conventional reels when checking your bait! It fits into an electric drill, I recommend an 18 volt drill)



Email Capt. Nick to put a package together today!





Reserve your Boat

Catch22 daylight-swordfishing charter


Full-Day $1,400
  • -Big & Fast
  • -Luxurious
  • -Air Conditioning
  • -6-person Capacity


Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat “Catch22”
Booking fee: $150
BnM daylight-swordfishing charter


Full-Day $1,000
Half-Day $650
  • -Comfortable
  • -Roll-up enclosure
  • -Takes 4 passengers
  • -Affordable


Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat BnM
Booking fee: $500