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5/14/15 Islamorada Swordfishing May 2015

5/2/15 broadbill swordfish

I’ve made it out on 3 different daytime swordfishing charters the past couple weeks. May can be tough sometimes with the winds, but it is one of my favorite months to fish. Our first trip I fished on my friends center console. It was a nice ride out, but the wind did pick up throughout… Read full fishing report

4/29/15 Islamorada Daytime Swordfish Report

photo 1

We had some windy weather here fishing in Islamorada as usual in April. Fortunately we had a handful of calm days mixed in the past two weeks and I was able to make it out on some daytime swordfish charters. I sold my current boat, Bn’M II, last week, so I’ll be using my old… Read full fishing report

End of March and Early April 2015 Daytime Swordfish Report

photo 1

It’s definitely spring time here swordfishing in Islamorada. We’ve had strong winds, many days with 15 – 20 knots from the south east,  making for some choppy fishing conditions. If you don’t mind taking a beating, being a little wet and salty, and getting tossed around for the day in 4 – 7” waves, then… Read full fishing report

Mid February broadbill and a GIANT sword in Mid March!

3:18:15 fight sword

Well I finally have a good fish story to tell here while swordfishing in the Florida Keys. I did one trip in mid February in windy conditions, and we managed one bite on 4 drifts, which resulted in a 103 lb broadbill. I hadn’t swordfish since then, until this week in Mid March when the… Read full fishing report

2/10/15 late January and Early February Swordfishing Report

1:30:15 broadbill

There’s still been a few swords around this winter off Islamorada Florida Keys. It’s by no means my favorite time to target them, but since late September 2014 the daytime swordfishing has been very consistent. I always tell people you always have a shot at getting a broadbill when you fish off Islamorada! It hasn’t… Read full fishing report

January 2015 swordfishing update

12:23:14 broadbill

It’s been super busy here the last few weeks with charters, so I was a little behind on posting some fishing reports from recent broadbill swordfish charters. We had a big day on the Bn’M II on the 23rd of December, going 4 for 4. Three of the fish were in the 60 lb range… Read full fishing report

12/21/14 Finally back out for Broadbill on the Bn’M II

12:20:14 swordfish

Well it was a little frustrating here at the end of November with the weather slowing down my swordfishing! The good news was even though we couldn’t swordfish on some of our trips, because it would have been comfortable nor super effective in 20+ knot winds a few weeks ago, we were able to fish… Read full fishing report

November Daytime Swordfishing in Islamorada 11/20/14

11:9:14 broadbill

Well my current “catch streak” finally came to an end here in November 2014. It was a good run, and I had 1 or more swordfish on 16 consecutive trips. The good news is though after missing a few one day, we got back on the board the very next day and have caught them… Read full fishing report

Late October Swordfishing on the BnM II

release swordfish

What a Fall it’s been for broadbill swordfish during the daytime. I made it out on 3 daytime swordfish trips the last week and a half in October and the streak continued! We caught fish each trip!  A lot of the fish have been “pups” or juveniles, but they are still beautiful creatures and I… Read full fishing report

10/19/14 Great Swordfish bite continues!

10:12:14 swordfish

The daytime swordfish bite has been the best I’ve seen in years here my last few trips. I started fishing after the Full Moon last Saturday on the 11th. We fished both Saturday and Sunday and each day we had the same story. We had 3 fish on the wind-on leader both trips, and managed… Read full fishing report

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