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10/11/15 October Swordfish Report

10/9/15 underwater broadbill

Well I haven’t been swordfishing much the past month here, but I did get out twice at the end of last week. The first day I had Angler Stephanie Choate and her friend Lindsea out. Stephanie has already caught all the billfish species for the IGFA Royal Slam, but she wanted to do it in… Read full fishing report

September 2015 swordfish report

9:3:15 broadbill

I made it out on a few daytime swordfish trips so far this September. We were fortunate and had action on each trip. I fished on all private boats since the Bn’M has been down for maintenance, and the Catch 22 was down for maintenance and then went to the Bahamas. The first trip was… Read full fishing report

August Swordfish Report 2015

8:9:15 broadbill swordfish bnm

The swordfishing in August has been both red hot a couple days and slow a couple days, but I still consider August a great month to fish for swordfish. A couple weeks ago we fished one day and managed some nice mahi up to 25 lbs, but we never had a swordfish bite that day.… Read full fishing report

MONSTER 451.5 lb sword for John! And then a little bad luck the next few trips..

7:26:15 451 swordfish 2

On July 26th I had John and Robert from Texas out daytime swordfishing in Islamorada. They follow me on facebook religiously and keep up with my catches. This day John was up first, since Robert got a sword last year. We ran two hours to get to the swordfish ledge. On the first drop Hunter… Read full fishing report

July Swordfishing off Islamorada

7/10/15 broadbill swordfish

This is my second swordfish report for July 2015 here swordfishing in Islamorada. I’ve caught atleast 1 fish on 6 of my last 7 trips. A couple weeks ago I had Blair out on the Catch 22. He’s fished with me before and this year he was celebrating his birthday. He also wanted to beat… Read full fishing report

Swordfish on 8 of my last 9 trips! End of June and Early July swordfishing

7/6/15 swordfish

I’ve been slammed busy here with swordfish charters the past couple weeks so I haven’t had time to share my reports. I have a good one for you now though! At the end of June I had the Thompson family out for 3 days of fishing. We swordfished the first two days. The first day… Read full fishing report

6/25/15 Swordfishing in Islamorada

6:23:15 swordfish and mahi

I made it out on 3 daytime swordfishing charters the past week here in Islamorada. The first trip aboard the BnM the bite was on fire! We made 6 drops and had 5 bites, hooking 4 of the fish. We managed to catch 2 of the fish and lost the other 2 on the wind… Read full fishing report

6/17/15 Steady swordfishing for mid June in Islamorada

photo 1

I’ve done a number of trips since we caught the big sword back in early June. I’ve fished a total of 6 daytime swordfish trips the past two weeks, and managed fish on 5 of them. The trip we didn’t get a fish we wound up hooking a really nice broadbill. He was somewhere around… Read full fishing report

Monster 434.5 lb Sword in early June!

5:30:15 catch 22

We had Mike and Becky out swordfishing yesterday on the BnM. They were celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary. The morning was stormy with quite a bit of rain. We wound up making 7 drops. We started before 9 am and at 3:55 pm Becky joked with me and asked if we didn’t catch anything if… Read full fishing report

Mid to Late May 2015 swordfishing report

5/17/15 catch 22 sword

Well we had a few calm days here the past week, but unfortunately we’ve had more windy days. Capt. Scott on the Catch 22 fished 2 days with Everett from Texas, who said he wanted to see a swordfish, as it was on his bucket list. The first day was rough and they dropped for… Read full fishing report

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