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Decemeber 2016 and January 2017 Broadill Report

1/5/16 swordfish.jpg

This winter has been some of the best swordfishing I have seen for this time of year in a long time!!! Aboard the “Broad Minded” we caught fish on 7 of our last 8 trips, including a few really nice ones! One trip at the end of December produced 6 broadbill!!! Our last trip in… Read full fishing report

October/November 2016 Islamorada Swordfish Report


I only fished a few swordfish charters in October, mostly because I was out of town fishing for 10 days during the month and we had a lot of windy weather  which resulted in canceling the majority of the trips during the month. One trip produced one small swordfish that we tagged and released, another… Read full fishing report

September 2016 Swordfish Report! Giant 411 lb Broadbill Swordfish!

9/28/16 80 sword

This September was a tricky one on swordfish here in Islamorada, Florida Keys. Usually September is one of the best and most consistent months for them, but we saw both good and bad fishing during the month. We fished 13 trips and landed fish on 8 of them. Most trips produced 1 fish with the… Read full fishing report

July and August Swordfish report 2016

263 sword broad minded

Sorry I’ve been slacking on my swordfishing blog. It’s been a crazy busy year and I have put a lot of time into my facebook page at “Capt. Nick Stanczyk” and my instagram page at @CaptNickStanczyk. We had some good and bad days in both July and August, but a few of the good ones… Read full fishing report

May and early June 2016 Swordfish Report

211 bigeye tuna Islamorada

Well it was the best spring I had on swordfish many years!!!  From late March until early June I went on 23 swordfish trips and we caught 1 or more swordfish everytime!!! Most trips yielded one fish, but we had two fish on a few of them and three fish on one trip. On the 24… Read full fishing report

April and Early May 2016 Swordfish report

colin swordfish

It’s been a busy spring here swordfishing in Islamorada. We finally had some nice weather days and took advantage of them on our swordfish charters. A lot of the trips have been 1 – 2 bites all day long, but we’ve been getting lucky and have continued the current swordfish catch streak that started in… Read full fishing report

March and April 2016 Swordfish report

4/13/16 swordfish

Sorry I’ve been slacking a little bit on my blog lately. The swordfish bite was non existent for me in February on the few trips I did, but in March and and so far in April it has picked up a little bit. I am absolutely loving my new 37′ Freeman “Broad Minded“. It’s awesome running… Read full fishing report

2016 Swordfishing

75 lb broadbill

Well I’ve made it out on 3 daytime swordfish trips so far in 2016. The first trip we got lucky and on the second drop hooked a 248.5 lber! It was a two hour battle but in the end Scott was victorious and we put the 85” fish in the boat! The next trip was… Read full fishing report

Swordfishing in November 2015 with a 7 fish trip!


I was able to fish 6 swordfish charters here the first couple weeks of November. I had to cancel a few days cause the wind, but since I can’t control the weather it’s just part of the game. On the first trip we had a group of family and friends out and wound up catching… Read full fishing report

10/27/15 Tim’s 462 lb MONSTER Broadbill!!

shimano beast master sword

I fished 4 trips the last couple weeks, but unfortunately had to cancel my last 7 because it’s been too rough. When it blows 18 – 25 knots its super uncomfortable to drift in the gulf stream and wait for a strike. Also things on the boat break when it rough. Anyhow we had 3… Read full fishing report

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Full-Day $1,000
Half-Day $650
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Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat BnM
Booking fee: $500