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9/20/14 Mid September Daytime Swordfish Report

It was a couple weeks since I had been out swordfishing, but I was excited to go a few days ago. I had Bill and his buddies John, John, and John (yes 3 Johns). They had caught a daytime swordfish last year with a different boat, but said he had just got all his own tackle and wanted to go with us and see how we fish. It was a great day to learn! I always try to learn something too! We managed 6 bites on 8 drops over the course of the day, and caught 4 of the fish. I had a brand new Key Largo Swordfish Rod with a hooker electric detachable drive reel rigged and ready. They said they were happy using the electric drive, so we didn’t take it off to hand crank. The fish weren’t big, but we kept one for dinner around 60 lbs and then released the other 3 juvenile broadbill. Each trip is different, but I would have to say the Fall is the best time to swordfish in Islamorada. There has been some big fish caught the last week by other boats, so I know my time is coming! We also got this killer underwater picture releasing one!

9:17:14 underwater sword

9:17:14 broadbill

9:17:14 juvenile swordfish

My next trip I fished with my girlfriend Sara and my friend Frank on our 24′ pathfinder bay boat. There’s just something exciting about being in the Gulf Stream on a calm day on a boat that’s only 18′ off the water at the gunnels. We sent down the hooker electric deep water camera housing in hopes of videoing a swordfish eating the bait, but unfortuntely the first drop we got the rig tangled and then we tried it later in the day but just didn’t have any swordfish look at the bait. We did see the bottom though, which was sand, and saw a crab scurry away. On the other 5 drops that day we had 4 bites. We hooked what I think was one good fish and had him 60′ away, and then he started to make a run and turned towards the bottom, but right at the moment we pulled the hook. It’s frustrating but it happens with broadbill swordfish. One of the bites we never hooked, which appeared to be a very small fish, another fish at the bait as soon as it got down deep and raced up for a little bit before throwing the hook, and then finally on the last drop we caught a beautiful juvenile broadbill. The indigo blue on the fishes back is one of the most pretty sights in the sea.

9:19:14 swordfishing on bay boat

9:19:14 swordfish bay boat

The next couple months are prime swordfishing time. As long as the weather cooperates you have a really good chance at getting a broadbill, so send me an email to if you’d like to set up a daytime swordfish trip.

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