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9-9-13 Swordfish. Check. Another Mark on the Bucket List

For the past month and a half Islamorada local Ken had been stopping by the marina waiting for his birthday swordfishing trip. It was a birthday gift from his son to celebrate his 73 rd birthday. A couple weeks ago we had planned to go out, but the weather didn’t cooperate so we rescheduled for a couple weeks later. Anyhow we finally set out a couple days ago and headed out in search for the greatest gamefish of them all, Broadbill Swordfish. We weren’t gonna stop for anything else, it was swordfish or bust. We made a long run, a little over two hours and sent the first bait down. We didn’t have any action the first drop, and we tried a couple more drops in the same area. Still no luck. It was lunch time now. I decided to run 5 more miles to a different area. We made a couple more drifts, starting deep and going shallow. No action. It was after 2 p.m. now, and I decided to go back to the first spot. We made another drift but no luck. Things started to look like it was going to be a bust for the birthday bucket list broadbill trip. Then on the 7th drop we finally get a bite! I’m certain it was a swordfish whack. But he doesn’t come back. About 10 minutes we later we are about to check the bait and the rod loads up. I tell Ken we have his fish on! Ken gets in the chair and goes to work. The fish stayed deep, without rising up. Which made me think that it was a foul hooked sword. After 45 minutes we get the leader. I assume it’s a sword, but when we get the fish boat side its a 7 foot Night Shark! We take a couple quick pics and let the shark go. I’d still bet the original bite was a swordfish, and the second bite was the shark. The good news was it was a little action, but the bad news was the bucket list still had “broadbill swordfish” on it. We decide to make one last drop. After 30 minutes of drifting with no action I said “Ken, you better do a fish dance if you got one!” I look over and Ken is shaking his legs and wiggling his arms… he said that’s the best dance he’s got. Hank drops the bait down one last time. I look over and the rod loads up. I say “KEN! We’re TIGHT!”… Ken hesitates but still gets in the chair. The Rod had the same look as the shark he had just caught an hour earlier, but he still wanted to give it a go. I tell Ken I have only ever caught two Night Sharks in one day one time in my daytime swordfishing career. The fish acts shark like for part of the fight, but then scopes up very quickly, something a big broadbill would do. The fish sinks back down though when we get 400′ away. I tell Ken I’m really not sure what it is. He keeps fighting the fish and we get the leader a few minutes later. Then I look off to the side of the boat and a big swordfish is swimming by! I tell Ken the fish is 150 +!!! As soon as we get 25′ away, the fish makes a blistering 500′ run! Ken is excited now, tired too, but adrenaline fills his veins. After 30 more minutes of a back and forth struggle Ken gets the fish boat side and we stick the swordfish harpoon and two gaffs in the fish! It’s a healthy 169 lb swordy! I shake Ken’s hand and said, “it ain’t over till it’s over!” Ken said it was one of the most memorable fish he had ever caught… And I know he checked it off the bucket list… but I think we’ll see him again on the Bn’M II for another swordfish charter!!!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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