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9-12-13 First Daytime Sword for Michael!

Well it was the second birthday gift of a daytime swordfishing charter on the Bn’M II this week. Carol bought her husband Michael an early 70th birthday gift, and it was to spend the day with Capt. Nick Stanczyk chasing broadbills on his new boat. They also brought along their friend Rocky, who I knew a little bit from around town, since he’s been fishing here the past 15 years. Anyhow I told them the routine, and what to expect. I wanted to be honest and said we’re looking for 1 or 2 bites most likely, and in order for us to have a good day we have to make any and every opportunity count! Daytime swordfishing¬† can be very frustrating just because the fact is, you’re trying to hook a fish 1600′ down, and you may have out 2500′ of line! That’s almost 1/2 a mile of line! Anyway everybody knew what the deal was so we ran the distance and sent down our first bait. We made a very long drift, but covered great bottom from 1500′ out to 1800′. No bites though. I ran a couple more miles and tried another spot. We sent down a fresh bait and did another drift, no bites. It was lunch time now and I was a little discouraged, but I hadn’t given up. On the third drop, about 10 minutes into it, the rod make the unmistakable “unusual movement”. I yell that we have¬† bite. The fish doesn’t whack the bait (like most of them do), he eats it, and the rod loaded up and the fish started walking off line on the bottom. The line goes tight, then slack, then tight, and the fish starts to rise up. I know it’s a swordfish now, nothing else moves like that. Michael fights the fish for 25 minutes in the chair and we get a look at the fish, I know it’s a decent fish, at least 100 lbs, but think it might be 150 when he makes a quick dash under the boat. The fish then races down to 500 feet and lays there. Michael spends another 20 minutes pumping the fish up , and gets the fish 40′ away. The line goes slack and he yells “he’s gone”! I’ve seen it too many times though. They move fast and erratic. I know the fish is coming for the wheels, because I’ve seen it before… I put the throttles down to full speed, the delay makes me nervous, the 1 second it takes to kick into gear almost costs us the fish (it seemed like minutes). We hit 15 knots in seconds, black smoke, hard left turn, then the line scopes off to the side of the boat and is tight. Everyone tells me the fish isn’t gone, I just smile. I knew we just avoided disaster. Swords come for the props, and sometimes when you think they’re gone they’re not. Then fish rips off another 50′ of line, then comes to the surface thrashing. I roar back in reverse and Hank sticks the fish with our swordfish harpoon, then Rocky hits him with a straight gaff. Game Over. Michael is out of breath. I’m still holding mine, thankful I acted just quick enough to get away from that crazy broadbill. We pull the fish over the gunnel and it’s a chunky 144 lber! I make Michael wear the “squid head” for one pic, then I put it on for one myself. He asked what’s with the hat, and I tell him “to catch a swordfish you must think like a swordfish… you need squid on your mind…” It was fresh sword steaks for Michael and all his family that night! I have a feeling we’ll see him again before his next birthday…

Email me at if you’d like to try a shot at catching a sword in Islamorada, Florida Keys. October and November are typically two very good months!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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