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8/17/14 Mid August Daytime Swordfish Bite off Islamorada on the Bn’M II

I managed to take 6 daytime swordfish charters out the last 12 days here in Islamorada. We managed to catch fish on 5 of the 6 trips. Two of the trips we caught 2 fish and three of the trips we caught 1 fish. The one day we didn’t catch any we had one bite but just didn’t hook the fish. We’ve been fishing 2 rods quite a bit lately, and it seems to be paying off. We are able to fish two rods on the Bn’M II nowadays¬† because I’ve been using the hooker electric handcrank special reels. The mate and I can control the lines fairly easily, if we hook up on one rod we can get the other one out of the way by just turning on the electric drive and let of the clients guide the line.¬† The really cool part about the reel is we can detach the electric drive from the side of the reel, and put the reel into high gear and let the angler still experience the fight from a broadbill! There’s also been some mahi around, which has been a nice added bonus. A few days we caught a couple and yesterday we had 15. The firsts trip we caught two swords, both around 50 lbs. We kept one for dinner and we let the other one go to grow up.

8/7/14 swordfish

8/7/14 swordfish underwater

The second trip I had that week I had repeat customers who we caught a nice swordfish with the year before. I figured we’d run the distance and go to one of my favorite areas. Lesson learned though, the grass ain’t always greener. Sometimes fishing closer to home is more productive! The fish will be where the bait is. We managed one cheap shot all day. The next trip I fished the closest spot, 25 miles out and we managed 3 bites. We hooked and landed one around 75 lbs, as well as a nice 20 lb mahi. The other two bites we had that day were very “light”, and not aggressive fish. Darren was very happy though since he came here all the way from Australia to fish! It only takes 1 fish to have a great day!

8/9/14 broadbill

8/10/14 mahi

A couple days later we fish again, with more repeat clients. I had Ken and his son Jeff out, as well as two of his friends. Last year Ken got a nice 169 lb sword right at the end of the day, so he knew it was a patience and a waiting game. Even if we didn’t catch any fish he knew we’d give a 110% effort. The first couple hours were slow, and my hope were dwindling. But in reality it was barely past lunch time, and then we saw a bite. The fish rallied for a couple hours. We made 3 drifts in row with bite. Two of the drifts we had bites on both rods. I’m not sure if they were the same fish going from bait to bait or what, but I do know we got Jeff in the chair on his first broadbill, which was around 80 lbs. A perfect one for dinner!

8/13/14 bnmii sword

Ken was back up after Jeff got his first sword. The next drift we got tight again, and Ken caught and released a 60 lb swordfish. Sure it was a legal fish, but we already had plenty for them to eat. Ken said he was gonna catch the fish next year when he’s over 100 lbs.

8:13:14 daytime swordfish

8/13/14 release swordfish

The trip after that I had Jason and his family from Texas out. They attended the Texas Swordfish Seminar in April this year and we talked quite a bit. He had hooked a couple swordfish over in Texas on his boat, but wanted to learn more and see our technique. The fishing varies from locations and conditions, but most of the technique can be applied where ever you fish. Just the amount of weight to keep it down, and the class line would be the most common differences. Anyhow, the first drift was quite. No bites. The second drift was quite too. I give each drift no more than an hour before winding up. We were winding up on the second drift and the left rod got hammered! The rod bowed over towards the water. It was on the lighter rod, with a 50 wide. Rachel was up in the chair. We kept the electric drive on for about 10 minutes, and then detached the drive and moved the rod over. The fish came all the way to within 200′ of the boat, but then went back down to 700′. The fish was fighting a little different than the last few I had caught, so I thought we might have a real nice one on. Rachel did a great job in the chair for 2 hours, but she said she’d had her fun and wanted Jason to finish the fish off. Jason got in the chair for the last 30 minutes and we finally got the fish up. We had a tough time moving the fish because it was snagged in the side! It had been a while since I had a long fight with a foul hooked sword, so I guess I was due. We were happy the hook stayed in the fish, because it tore a 12” gap! The fish weighed 115 lbs and everyone was happy we got one, so we came on home after that.

foul hooked swordfish

8/14/14 islamorada swordfish

The last trip on the stretch of fishing was yesterday. I had Glen out, who was here earlier this year too. The morning was slow. But then a school of mahi came by the boat and we caught some decent gaffers up to 15 lbs, as well as some schoolies. It was nice to get some fish in the box!

8/16/14 mahi


Right around lunch time they turned on again. We had a couple light bites, that just pulled on the bait once or twice and never came back, but we did managed to hook 2 fish. The first one was on for about 10 minutes, before pulling off. The next one stayed on though. It wasn’t a monster, but it was a sword. After about 30 minutes we had a 50 lb swordfish boat side. We took some pictures and then released the fish to fight another day.

8/16/14 underwater broadbill

8/16/14 daytime swordfish

It’s been a pretty good year overall for the swordfish. We’ve had a lot of 1 – 2 bite days, and as long as you capitalize on your shots, you’ll get that fish! I have my boat, Bn’M II, listed for sale. It’s a 36′ Jersey Devil express sportfish. If anyone knows anyone looking for a boat in that range, check out the listing

I’ll be taking trips on short notice for the next few months, or until the boat sells.¬† I don’t want to book trips too far in advance, since I have my boat for sale. The Catch 22 will be available with Capt. Scott Stanczyk.

If you want to get out on a swordfish charter send me an email at and we’ll figure out a game plan!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk




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