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7/10/14 Steady swordfish bite in July!

The last week has been a good one here fishing for swordfish in Islamorada. I always try to be honest with everyone and tell them that there’s no guarantees, but I do believe Islamorada is the most consistent place in the world to catch a broadbill swordfish! I’ve been very fortunate to have caught 1 or more swords on my last 8 trips in a row here. I really am liking the hooker electric detachable drive motor that’s mounted on my 80 wide. I don’t need to bring all the concrete weights we used to use, checking the bait is very simple by using the electric drive, and when we hook up we can removed the electric drive at any point in the fight with two quick release push buttons. After the drive is detached we move the rod and angler to the chair and get them in the harness. Our first sword trip a week ago we went 2 for 2 on swords, and released a cuban night shark. The bigger sword was 113 lbs and the other was a few pounds smaller.

hooker electric handcrank special

hooker electric handcrank special


The next two trips over the weekend I had my friend and customer Garrett out with his dad. We had a few cheap shots in the morning, where the swords would hit the bait 1 time and never come back, but finally in the late afternoon we connected and Garrett went to work. We hooked the fish with the electric drive, and then moved Garrett into the chair and got him harnessed up. The motor detaches from the reel in literally 2 seconds, so it’s a quick process. It was about a 30 minute fight and Garrett caught and released a 60 lb swordfish. We took a quick picture in the boat before sending him on his way back to the abyss.

photo 1

The next day Garrett’s dad Barry was up as the angler. The same thing happened in the morning with a few cheap shots. The fish just wouldn’t eat it, but it was encouraging knowing there was a couple down there. I told them to be patient and if we stuck it out we would have a good shot at one in the afternoon. Well by 4 pm we were still empty handed, but then we got the bite we were looking for. Colby moved the bait around. The fish finally ate it. We figured it was just a small fish, but after a few minutes the fish was racing up carrying a 12 lb weight!

photo 5

After 20 minutes we had the fish on the wind on leader. Barry cranked like a mad man. The fish charged the boat and Colby took a shot with the harpoon. The harpoon hit the fish when he was about 10′ below the surface. The next 15 minutes were a tug of war, within 200′ of the boat. The fish finally rolled over and we stuck the gaffs into a 182 lber! Patience paid and we got our fish for the day.

Bn'M II swordfish

The next couple days I had Gary from New York out to chase broadbill swordfish. The first day we fished on my boat, , Bn’M II. My friend Rick rode along just to get out since he hadn’t been out in a month or so on his boat. We didn’t get a bite the first drop, but the second drop we had a bite. The fish hit the bait 4 or 5 times, but we never came tight. We put down a fresh bait and after 20 minutes we had a bite. It took a few tries, but we hooked up. The current was super strong this day, so we used the electric drive of the motor most of the fight with the 12 lb lead. After an hour we had our bounty on the service, and it was a beautiful broadbill. It wasn’t a monster, but around 60 lbs.


We stopped an caught a couple mahi on the way home that afternoon as well. The next day my friend Rick volunteered his boat. All of his tackle was up North, and he wanted to get back out so we decided to bring my tackle and go on his boat off Key Largo. We made 4 drops in the morning with no bites. I was starting to get nervous. Sure enough on the 5th drop the Key Largo Swordfish Special Rod shows a swordfish bite. The tip just moved an inch. We hooked the fish for a second, but he pulled off. We were patient and kept the bait down. A minute later he was back. It took a couple whacks but we finally came tight! Something didn’t seem right, the fish was too heavy from the beginning. We figured he was snagged. It took 90 minutes to bring him up, since we had 3400′ of line out in a very thick 4 knot current. Our guess was right, he was lassoed around the head, and came up like a planer! We took a few pics of the juvenile broadbill and sent him on his way.

swordfish release

We headed in after that. The last trip of the week I had Jeff and Tim out from Oklahoma. They had caught swords before with my uncle, Capt. Scott Stanczyk, on the Catch 22. It was a few years back, and I told them it’s not like it used to be, and we would be fishing for a bite or two. On the way out we caught a couple blackfin tuna and around a dozen mahi. We swordfish all morning with no bites. Then right after lunch we got a bite. Jeff worked the bait and we hooked the fish. It turned out to be a 75 lb sword. We were happy to have him. We got a great underwater pic and another great transom shot from the go pro.

photo 5

photo 4

Unfortunately I had a shoulder injury recently and am taking the next few days off, but I do have some open days the next two weeks, so if you want to try your luck on a broadbill send me an email at August is also a very good month for swords and I have a few days open the first two weeks.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk



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