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7-1-13 Swordfish Report for Islamorada

Well I’ve been pounding out the swordfish ledge pretty hard the past week. It hasn’t been a great bite, and the weather hasn’t helped much either. On the 28th I had some regular customers out, and 12 year old Derek caught a 60 lb swordfish all by himself. It was actually the 3rd he’s caught with me. We also caught a few mahi that day. The next day their friend Bob hooked a sword and after about a 35 minute fight we had the fish on the leader, about 20′ away, and pulled the hook. With the choppy conditions yesterday we only swordfished for about 1/2 they day, but unfortunately didn’t have any strikes. We did catch some blackfin tuna on the way in and out though at one of the humps. Today I ran to an area I haven’t fished in 3 years, unfortunately we didn’t get any bites there, but we did stop and catch a few big barrel fish, including a 26 lber on the way home. We atleast had some dinner! The Catch 22 swordfished today, and they went to the closest area, and hooked 2 swords, but luck wasn’t on their side and they pulled the hooks on both fish. Hopefully the weather calms down a little bit the next few days and I have some good swordfish reports, I’ll let you know!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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