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6/25/15 Swordfishing in Islamorada

I made it out on 3 daytime swordfishing charters the past week here in Islamorada. The first trip aboard the BnM the bite was on fire! We made 6 drops and had 5 bites, hooking 4 of the fish. We managed to catch 2 of the fish and lost the other 2 on the wind on leader. The first fish we put in the boat which was a nice 117 lber. The next fish we tagged and released with a NOAA research tag. We also caugth a few mahi on the way out that day.

6/20/15 bnm swordfish

6/20/15 bnm swordfish

6:20:15 beastmaster swordfish reel

6/20/15 tag and release sword

6/20/15 tag and release sword

6:23:15 release swordfish

The next trip was epic to say the least. Both the Bn’M and Catch 22 were booked so I moved my trip to the Gimme Jimmy charter boat. Capt. Dave Jones and myself teamed up for the adventure. We had John out with his friends. They wanted to spend one day trying to get a “trophy” fish, and swordfish was the target. We wound up hammering the dolphin (mahi) on the way in and out, with 11 nice fish from 14 – 28 lbs, and then some smaller ones. We made two swordfish drops in the middle of the day and hooked up on both. The first fish got off pretty quickly, but the second fish was exciting. He came up to the surface pretty fast and made two great jumps near the boat. After 30 minutes we put the harpoon and the gaff into a 111 lb broadbill. It was quite the day.

6/23/15 swordfish

6/23/15 swordfish

6:23:15 gimme jimmy slammer mahi

6:23:15 swordfish and mahi

I fished the next day with Ian from Australia. We were on the Catch 22 and he brought his family along. Unfortunatley his two young daughters got sea sick, but it didn’t stop us from putting in a long day. We caught a handful of mahi on the way out and then made it to the sword grounds. Our first drop was a short one because there was a ship doing some testing and they asked us to move. So we ran 6 miles to the next spot. We made a total of 7 drops, and had 2 good bites and 2 cheap bites. Ian fought one fish all the way up near the boat, maybe 35 – 40′ away, and the fish made a run down 2oo’ and the hook pulled. We were close and Ian got to see and fight his first broadbill, but we are going to have to give it another shot next time he’s over here. The swordfish beat us up this trip, but that’s what keeps us going back for more! Capt. Scott fished one trip last week as well and the fish didn’t bite, the current was screaming and they made 4 drops with no bites.

The next few months are prime time to fish, so send an email to if you’d like to try your luck at getting a broadbill.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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