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5/23-24/2014 Daytime Swordfish Report! Calm weather finally!

It was a windy few weeks here while daytime swordfishing in Islamorada. We are fortunate here that are weather is fairly stable, but occassionally we get some wind and we just catch fish effectively in 20-25 knot winds. Anyhow, the wind finally let up the last couple of days and I knew it was time to go try our luck for broadbill! On the 23rd I had long time customer Blair and his nephew Blair jr out on the Bn’M II. We caught a few blackfin tuna on the way out to the swordfish grounds and picked off one mahi. Blair had caught a few swords with me before, and he wanted his nephew to try to get on. We set up on the first drift and sent a bait down. After about 20 minutes I saw the unmistakable tap tap on the rod tip. I think I was the only one giving it my undivided attention, but with the Key Largo Swordfish Special Rod, I knew exactly what I saw. I walked back to the hooker electric hand crank special (with the detachable motor drive), and moved the bait around. After a minute the rod loaded up and we were tight! I removed the motor drive from the shimano 80 wide reel with the quick release push buttons and Blair jr got harnessed up in the chair and went to work!

5-23-14 swordfish rod

This reel is a really neat piece of equipment in that you can use the conventional reel when you want, but if you want to bring up the bait and weight, you can leave the drive on and buzz it up. So Blair had 1800′ of line out an after 25 minutes he had the fish on the wind on leader. The fish was lit up with great color, and came close the boat one time and Colby stuck the fish with the harpoon. I went back to put a gaff in the fish, but he took off a split second early and went down over 800′ in minutes! Well young Blair had his hands full the next hour and 15 minutes as he brought the sword all the way back up. We stuck the fish and pulled in Blair jr’s first ever broadbill, a 135 lber!

5-23-14 135 lb swordfish

We were all happy and it was high fives all around the boat. It was big Blair’s turn now. We rigged up another fresh bait and set back up on another spot and sent the bait down. It took about 30 minutes and we got another bite. This time the rod just loaded up. The fish had actually eaten the bait and didn’t need any enticing! Blair moved over to the chair and went to work. The fish stayed deep for a few minutes before making his way up to the sunlight. After about 30 minutes we had the fish on the leader. It was about a 90 lb sword and we decided to keep it since they have a huge family and wanted to bring some fish home. It was an awesome day as they both got broadbill and we were headed to the dock at a reasonable time!

5:23:14 2 swordfish

Today on the 24 we put together a last minute trip with my dad and some of his long time friends. We wanted to try a different area than our usual grounds, so we got a nice early start and made our way there. We started by deep dropping in morning in 700′ of water and managed a decent tilefish and some blackbelly rosefish. After that we decided to make a few swordfish drops out on the ledge. Our first drop we got nailed. It wasn’t a monster fish, but a sword’s and sword, and he was around 70 lbs. We took a few pictures and sent down another bait.

5-24-14 broadbill

We made a few more drifts but no more luck. We decided to make one more shallower drop in the 700′ zone on the way in, and we picked up a nice barrel fish in the 20 lb range. It was another calm and beautiful day here in the Florida Keys. Send me an email at and let me know when you want to try your luck for a broadbill swordfish!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk



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