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4/29/15 Islamorada Daytime Swordfish Report

We had some windy weather here fishing in Islamorada as usual in April. Fortunately we had a handful of calm days mixed in the past two weeks and I was able to make it out on some daytime swordfish charters. I sold my current boat, Bn’M II, last week, so I’ll be using my old boat, Bn’M, for some trips, as well as running the Catch 22 for some trips. Capt. Scott will still run the Catch 22 some as well Capt. Charlie on the Bn’M. A couple weeks ago I had Ken and his friends from California out. They had fished all over, but had never caught a swordfish. We made our first drop at 9 a.m. Within 20 minutes we hooked up! Ken was up first. After a little bit he got into the fighting chair with the Shimano 80w and went to work. After about 20 minutes we  had the fish on the leader. It was a 125 lber. We were super excited to get a swordfish first drop, and I knew my job for the day was done.

Islamorada swordfish 4/15/15

After some pictures we dropped back down. We didn’t get a bite the second drift. We reset and sent down another bait. Sure enough after a little bit we had a whack. We never hooked the fish, but you could see the rod tip bounce when he was whacking the bait. After a few failed attempts at getting that fish we wound up, and made a new drift. This drift we hooked up on pretty quick. The fish came to the surface pretty quick, so I knew it was a decent fish. After 20 minutes we had the fish on the wind on leader, but he had other plans. The fish blistered off 500′ of line and went down. The next 20 minutes were a tug of war, but we were patient and in the end we got a 135 lb broadbill swordfish.

We called it a day after that and made it back to the dock at a reasonable hour. My next trip was disappointing. I had Tim and his friend out and we went back to the same area. We fished hard. We made 7 or 8 drifts, and even used 2 rods the last few drifts. We just never had a bite. A boat near us released a small fish that day, but we just didn’t have the luck. The next trip I went on my friends 36′ center console. We spent the morning deep dropping and caught a couple golden tilefish, including one real nice one at 34 lbs. We did a few quick sword drops that afternoon, but no luck.

4/19/15 golden tilefish

photo 3

The next day swords were the target. We went to a different area, and sure enough it paid off. We went 3 for 4 on broadbill swordfish. They weren’t big fish, but still a lot of fun. We released all of them after some quick pics. One had a mako shark attack it and follow it up to the boat. It wasn’t a big mako, maybe 90 –  100 lbs.

4/20/15 swordfish drone shot

4/20/15 capt nick stanczyk sword

4/20/15 swordfish release

swordfish bit by mako

My next trip I had Jason from Australia out. Swordfish were on his bucket list! He brought his family along, two young girls and his wife. On the way out we wanted to catch a couple fish for dinner so the girls would be happy. We caught a few blackfin tuna on the hump, including one nice one, and caught a mahi. After we had a few fish in the boat swords were the mission. On the 2nd drop we got a bite and Jason released his first ever broadbill. We had one more bite late that afternoon which was another juvenile broadbill swordfish. After a 20 minute battle Jason released his second ever swordfish.

4/21/15 blackfin tuna

4/21/15 battle swordfish

4/21/15 broadbill release

4/21/15 swordfish release

The next day it was just Jason fishing and us. We put together a great catch of mahi, nearly 30 fish and some tripletail. We hooked one sword after lunch, but unfortunately we pulled the hook 400′ from the boat. We made some more drifts late that day, but no more sword action. Capt. Charlie fished our longtime friend and Customer Jon Patten that day. They fished a completely different area, and I was jealous when we came in and they went 3 for 4 on swordys! They released 2 small fish and kept a 70 lber for dinner. I was very happy for my friend Jon who was over from England.

4/22/15 mahi

4/22/15 bnm swordfish

On my most recent trip I had California Ken out again. The morning was slow, but we finally hooked up around lunch time. The first fish was small, around 40 lbs. We took a few pics and released him to grow up. The next drift we hooked up again, and after an hour battle we had a 153 lb swordfish in the boat! Ken was probably a little spoiled getting 2 swords on each of his two trips with me, but some people have all the luck… We made one more drift after that but no action.

4/27/15 swordfish

4/27/15 shimano beastmaster swordfish

4/27/15 gaff swordfish.png

We will be swordfishing in May very soon, which is really when I consider the sword season to start here in the Florida Keys. It was a good winter and spring, so hopefully the summer doesn’t disappoint! Email me at to book a trip. I will be using both the Catch 22 and the Bn’M.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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