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4/29/14 Pair of Swords and a pair of Golden Tiles

We got out on the Bn’M II for a deep drop / swordfish combo trip on the 29th. The winds slacked up a little bit in the morning, which was nice because it made the ride out a little more comfortable. The wind did pick up around lunch time, but since we had already ran over 30 miles while it was calmer it wasn’t bad. The first item on the agenda was to put Robert and Stephen on their first golden tilefish. I use the same Key Largo Daytime Swordfish rod for deep dropping for tiles and groupers, as well as swords. We had our hooker electric hand crank reels rigged up with 80 lb tuf-line xp braid, with 3 hook chicken rigs. We made our first drift for tiles, and Stephen hooked up first.

4-29-14 hooker electric

Stephen had his fish about 1/2 way up, but then unfortunately the hook pulled and he came up empty handed. Right when we were about to bring up the second hooker electric, Robert said he was Tight! After about 10 minutes he had his first ever golden tilefish up to the boat. It was a decent fish that weighed 15 lbs.

4-29-14 golden tilefish

We reset and made another drift. Sure enough we hooked up again. This fish was thumping pretty good, so we knew it had to be fair size. After about 10 minutes we had our second golden tilefish in the boat. It was healthy 18 lber.

4-29-14 golden tiles

We made a few more drifts, but only missed another bite or two. It was about lunch time now and we decided to make a run out to the swordfish grounds. I switched the rig out on the hooker electric hand crank special, and put a nice squid on for the first drop. We made a good drift, but just didn’t have any strikes. It look to pretty out there to give up though, so we reset and made a new drift. After about 5 minutes Robert said he saw a bite. I wasn’t watching the rod tip, which is imperative when daytime swordfishing, but I took his word for it and moved the bait a little. Sure enough a few seconds later the rod tip twitched ever so slightly. Having that soft rod tip is extremely important to see the bite 2000′ away. After a couple minutes trying to get the fish to eat the bait we were tight! It took about 20 minutes to get the fish and lead up near the surface, and then the fish made a nice jump on the wind-on leader. The fish was about 50 lbs, of legal size, but we decided to take a quick picture and then release him to fight another day.

4-29-14 release swordfish

We were happy to have brought a sword to the boat, and now we were hoping for the big dog, or “Forklift Fred” as I like to call him. Our next drift last a while, and then the rod got heavy. I didn’t see any “whacks”, but it didn’t seem right. I started bringing the weight up with the motor and could tell something was on. We got it all the way within 300′ and the rod gave for a second and the creature was off. I think it was a squid, because I have caught them over 10 lbs before, and the bait had bite marks out of it, which is uncharacteristic of a broadbill. I put on a fresh bait and we made another drift. It was down for 2 minutes and we got a tap tap on the rod tip. It took a few minutes to get the fish hooked up, but the rod just slowly loaded up, and we were hooked up again! This fish seemed like a decent size fish, because he was swimming the 10 lb weight up with no problem. We got the fish on the leader and I could see the line was wrapped around his body, which is why he was fighting a little funny. He came by the boat and I stuck the harpoon in him, and a minute later gaffed him. It wasn’t Fred, but it was an 80 lber for dinner!

4-29-14 broadbill

We decided to call it quits on the second sword and run back towards home. On the way we said we wanted to make another tilefish drift, but of course 1 drift turned into 3. We had a couple bites, but just couldn’t get them hooked. After no bites on the last drift we plugged in Bud n’ Mary’s Marina and started running for the barn. It was a great day, with some great fish. This year seems better than last year so far, so if you want to give swordfishing a shot let me know and I have a few days in May open, and a handful in June. Send me an email at

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