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4/24/14 First Broadbill Swordfish for Brad!

I went on two daytime swordfishing trips last week. We had great weather both days, with light winds and clear skies. The first day I had Jon from the UK over here. He’s swordfished with me 6 or 7 other times, and knows that fishing for swordfish is considered big game fishing. The bites are limited and in order to have a good day you must connect when the opportunity is there. I was excited to try a new, a Deep water downrigger for swordfish. I talked to Capt. Bouncer Smith recently and he told me he had been experimenting with a down rigger for daytime broadbill and having some success with it. Since Jon likes to fish standard conventional tackle, we rigged his new daytime swordfish rod with the swordfish bait, and I rigged my Hooker Electric swordfish reel as the down rigger. I wanted to try a down rigger for years, but since humans are creatures of habit it’s tough to steer away from something you know works. The first few drops went perfect, no tangles, covered good bottom, but unfortunately no bites. The 4th drop however we came up a ledge and unfortunately snagged and lost over $300 in tackle in the blink of an eye! I rigged another rod and fished a few more hours, but no bites. The fish just weren’t feeding that day in the areas we fished. A couple days later I got a call from Brad and he was bringing his 36′ invincible down to fish in Islamorada, and he wanted to catch a swordfish on it!  I told him I usually don’t free lance, since I like to build my charter business, but for the right price I’d do it. Everything came to an agreement and we headed out from Bud n’ Mary’s marina at 7:30 in the morning. It was nice being able to run 40 knots for a change, and we got to the spot in record time. We made a couple drifts in the morning, but no action. Capt. Scott was fishing on the Catch 22 that day as well. He had no action in the morning either. We were patient and didn’t give up though. I moved a few miles to try another spot, and a little after lunch time we had the unmistakable tap. The light rod tip twitched and I knew we had a swordfish whacking out bait. I moved the bait and within a minute we were hooked up. The girls on the boat were excited, but I said we still had a long way to go if we were going to catch this fish. After about 5 minutes I saw something give and the swordfish had got off. We were happy we had a bite, but dissapointed that we lost our fish. We didn’t get discouraged though, so we reset and made another drift. After about 15 minutes of drifting we had another bite. I moved the bait. But he didn’t come back. After another minute I started bringing it up a little and the rod slowly loaded it. We were tight! The fish was acting funny, so I thought it might be foul hooked, but I said we’d take our time and play the fish out. After about 20 minutes we had the fish on the wind-on leader. It was a decent fish and he wasn’t happy! He kept charging the motors and trying to get under the boat. He made a couple good jumps, and shook his head multiple times. The next 15 minutes was a give and take battle within 200′ of the boat, and after a total time of 40 minutes we had the gaffs into the first broadbill swordfish Brad had ever seen caught!

4-24-14 swordfish


It was a decent size fish, with a short length of 61” and it weighed in at 106 lbs. We also caught a few mahi while we were swordfishing. I called Scott on the Catch 22 on the radio and he was fighting a swordfish too. It seemed like they just turned on in the afternoon. We cleaned up the boat and started heading back in to the marina. The Catch 22 had their swordfish on the Wind on leader, but after 30 minutes the hook pulled. They said it was about 70 lbs, but was foul hooked. On that 36′ invincible we made good time going back to Islamorada at 40 knots, and I know Brad will be back with his friend Brandon to swordfish again!

4-24-14 broadbill

We are coming up on prime swordfishing months in the Florida Keys, so send me an email when you’re ready to get out there and try your luck!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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