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4/11+12/2014 Swordfishing on the Bn’M II

We got out on two daytime swordfishing charters the past few days aboard the Bn’M II. On the 11th I had John and his wife from California out. They had fished on the Catch 22 a couple times before, and caught fish each of their previous two trips. And luckily this trip would prove no different! We made a long run and got our first bait down around 9:30. No action. We reset and got another fresh bait down. Again no action. Things weren’t looking great at this point. It was lunch time now and we sent down the third bait. No bites. It was 1 p.m. now and I was starting to lose confidence. We moved about a mile and sent down a fresh bait. About 15 minutes into the drift we got the “tap tap” in the rod tip. Having the right rod is so essential for seeing the bite of a swordfish 1700′ down, and that’s what we have designed what we feel to be the perfect daytime swordfish rod with our friend Rick at Key Largo Rods. It took a few tries to hook the fish, but then the trip loaded up heavy and we were in action!

4-11-14 fight sword

I am really enjoying using the new Hooker Electric Hand Crank Special. It’s a very unique design with a removable electric motor, while still having the regular use of a conventional reel. We hooked the fish with the electric assist, and then after a few minutes we removed the motor and put the reel back into high gear and John continued cranking. It took about 20 minutes to get the fish up to the leader. It was a juvenile broadbill, but we were happy to see him. We pulled the fish in for a quick picture and removed the hook, then set him on his way back into the ocean.

4-11-14 broadbill

The good news was that John had been out with the Stanczyk family 3 different times and had caught fish every trip! Now that we had a sword release it was time to get another bait back down. We sent down a fresh bait and after 5 minutes we all saw the rod tip make the slightest twitch. Colby moved the bait around and then the rod doubled over and we were tight! We knew it was a decent fish, because it was fairly heavy. After about 30 minutes we had the fish on the leader pin wheeling. John wanted swordfish steaks for dinner, and so did I. Colby hit the fish with the straight gaff and dinner was served!

4-11-14 daytime swordfish

The fish had a 62″ short length, and weighed around 110 lbs. We called it a day after that and headed back to the dock at Bud n’ Mary’s Marina.

I got out again the next day on the Bn’M II with Will, his son Trace, and two of their friends. Will and his family fished with me back in July where we caught a swordfish, but he wanted to come back for more action. We left at 7 a.m. and on the way out caught a handful of schoolie dolphin (mahi). We reached the swordfish ground around 10 a.m. The wind was blowing a steady 15 knots, and the current was strong so it was a choppy day. At 10:30 we had our first bite. It was the slightest movement in the rod tip imaginable. I did say anything because I wasn’t sure, so I walked back and moved the bait and the rod slowly loaded up. We were hooked up! Trace worked the fish up and after 15 minutes we had the leader. It was a juvenile broadbill, but it had some of the most brilliant colors.

4-12-14 release swordfish

The fish was blue and purple on the back, with silver sides. The fish was in great shape and very healthy. We pulled the fish in for a quick picture and to work the hook out.

4-12-14 broadbill swordfish

After a few pics we put the fish back in the water and he swam away like a champ. The seas continued to build as the wind picked up near 20 knots, but it didn’t stop up from fishing. We had bites the next few drops, bring a couple fish within a few hundred feet of the boat, but they just weren’t hooked good and they shook off. We made a few more drifts in the afternoon, but the bite had shut down. We were happy to have some mahi in the box, and to have a swordfish release, so we wound up and headed for the barn. It was a rough and wet ride home in 4 – 6′ waves for 2 hours, but we eventually made it. It was nice to see some bites even though we didn’t get them, which is always encouraging. I have a few days at the end of the month available, so if swordfishing is in you’re future send me an email.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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