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3/9/14 hunt for Broadbill Swordfish

We went on a day time swordfishing charter on the Bn’M II on the 9th of March. We had a family out, Mom, Dad, and two sons. I told them the swordfish bite had been a little tough, but we could give it a good try in the morning, and if it was slow on the action we could catch some fish on the way home. We wound up making 4 swordfish drops with my new reel, the hooker electric hand crank special, which I am really starting to like! We didn’t get any swordfish strikes, but we did catch an unusual fish, which I believe we caught 2 more of about 5 years ago. It was a beautiful ALFONSINO, which came up from 1700′ of water!



It’s always exciting to catch something different and odd, and this is definitely one of those fish! It had a very large eye, a reddish pinkish coloring, with pretty sharp scales. We also cleaned it up for dinner and it looked like nice white flaky meat! But now I promised the Kids some action, so after calling it quits on the swords after lunch, we ran to the hump and started vertical jigging. We wound up catching one blackfin tuna, as well as a silky shark on a chunk bait. We just couldn’t get the amberjacks going, so I ran another 10 miles to a wreck where we had been having some luck the week prior. Well it didn’t take long, and after a minute of jigging with tormentor vertical jigs, we were hooked up to a double header of donkeys on my new Key Largo Jigging Stick Rods!

key largo jigging stick

key largo jigging stick

tormentor jig amberjack

tormentor jig amberjack


Now amberjack are hard fighters, absolutely brutal to be honest when they get over 40 lbs. Within an hour we caught 9 amberjack and almaco jack up to 45 lbs. All the guys were exhausted, and everyone was happy! We may not have got a swordfish this time, but we still had a blast catching some hard fighting fish, and will put some more time in for the swords next time! On a positive note we have a customer staying at Bud n’ Mary’s Marina right now with his center counsel, and he went for broadbill the last two days as well. Yesterday they made 8 drops and had 1 little bite, but not luck hooking it. Today though, was a different story! They made 2 drops and caught 2 fish! One was a nice 138 lber! I’m hoping it’s a sign of some fish moving back into our area, because we are do for a spring push any day!

bud n marys swordfish

bud n marys swordfish

Tight lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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