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3/11-12/2014 Two Trips Two Broadbill + monster Golden tilefish!

I had a cancellation on Tuesday, and with the unexpected gorgeous weather I couldn’t sit still. So I told my dad we should go fishing, and there’s been one fish here I haven’t really put much time towards catching, and he had never seen one caught, Golden Tilefish. Our friend, Ken Spaulding, had caught 1000’s of golden tilefish off Miami years ago when he was a charter boat captain, so we took him along for a  little knowledge, and grabbed “good luck Dave” and Sara. The mission was Golden Tilefish and then to spend the afternoon looking for broadbill swordfish. We rigged up the hooker electric hand crank special and ran to the area where we figured they lived. We watching the bottom machine until we marked what we figured would be good bottom to try, and sent down a couple baits.

hooker electric

hooker electric

We didn’t have any luck the first drift, so we moved a little further and sent down the baits again. This time it didn’t take long, and we were hooked up to something. About 5 minutes later up popped our Golden Tilefish! It wasn’t a monster, but it was still the fish we set out after to find and catch! We reset and made another drift, Dave hooked up again. A few minutes later Sara hooked up too! Sara’s was pulling hard. She took her time bringing up the bad boy. Dave’s came up first, and it was a little bigger than the first one. Then Sara’s came up behind the boat. We didn’t know what to expect, then what to say. It was a monster 37 lb golden tilefish!

golden tilefish bnm II

golden tilefish bnm II

We put the fish in the boat and everyone was excited! Not only had we caught a few golden’s, we had caught a monster one! Kenny said it reminded him of fishing for them 40 years ago!

We caught one more nice size Tilefish and then headed out to do a little swordfishing in an hour we don’t usually fish. The first drop nothing. I changed out the bait and the second drop it didn’t take long. Tap Tap. I moved the bait around and we were tight. After about 10 minutes we had the fish up near the surface. It was a broadbill, but not a very big one. The old saying goes “A sword’s a sword”. We were happy to catch and release a 25 lb swordfish. We tried one more drop but unfortunately it came up tangled with the new camera housing we were trying. We decided to run back home, but of course we had to make one more drift for the tilefish. We marked a new little spot and sent down the rigs. After a little while we were hooked up again! This time it was another big 31 lb tilefish!

3-11-14 bnm ii golden tilefish

3-11-14 bnm ii golden tilefish

What an amazing fishing trip from Islamorada, and I know my dad was happy to catch some fish he had never caught before!

The next day I went on a daytime broadbill swordfish charter with two young anglers from Belize. We originally were supposed to fish Thursday, but a front was moving through late Wednesday night so I told them if they wanted to swordfish Wednesday would have to be the day. This can happen with weather in the spring time, with 20 + knot winds it just isn’t comfortable to swordfish! So we left Wednesday morning early, and ran into the wind and sea, about 15 – 20 knot winds. It was a rough and wet ride out, but once we made it the 25 miles we were ready to fish. It wasn’t too rough fishing way out there, because the wind was with the current for the most part. No action the first few hours. But then we got the bite we were looking for. It took a couple minutes to get the fish to “eat” the bait, but we finally hooked him. We pulled the electric assist off the reel with the two push buttons that secure it, and then moved Bobby to the fighting chair with the rod.

fight swordfish on hooker

No motor attached! This is really a neat set up! After about 15 minutes we got the fish on the wind on leader. Then the first went a little nuts. He raced all around, up and down a little bit, but then tired out a few minutes later. The boys wanted to eat the fish, so eat the fish they would!

3-12-13 swordfish

We put a gaff into the fish and pulled it over the side. It was Bobby’s first ever swordfish! Not a monster, but  60 lbs. We took a few pictures and then went back to fishing. We made a few more drops, but no more bites. The fishing has been like this for a while here in Islamorada, we get a shot or two, but if you don’t catch them you’ll be out of luck. Hopefully the fishing gets like it was in the past where we get 3 – 5 bites per trip, but for now we will just have to make due with the opportunities we get.

3-12-14 swordfish

We are coming up closer to the the start of what I consider the best time to swordfish in Florida, which is May all the way through November. Send me an email when you want to try your luck for a swordy!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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