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3-21-13 Swordfishing in March!

Well we got out today aboard the Bn’M for a daytime swordfish charter. The winds were out of the north about 15 knots to start the day, but dropped down to 10 knots by noon time and turned into a beautiful afternoon. I had Rob, his son Derek, and two of their friends out swordfishing in Islamorada. We started out the morning by catching a few schoolie dolphin on the way out, which I was excited about since I knew we had extremely fresh bait now. The swordfish reports have been on the slow side so far this year, but we were determined to catch a fish for dinner today! We rigged up 4 different broadbill baits, including a dolphin belly, bonito strip, squid, and ladyfish. We made 3 really good drifts from 1400′ to 1800′ of water, but had no action at all. I have to admit I was a little discouraged and not sure if we were even going to get a bite. Anyhow we set up for another drift and send the bait down, unfortunately our concrete sinker broke off right away so we give it a few minutes and then wind it up. Instead of just letting the current take us further up the ledge I decided to run back down a mile into the current and hit the spot we didn’t really get to fish. Sure enough we get the bait down, and within 2 minutes the rod tip bounces. Everyone is excited. We play with the fish for a couple of minutes and he finally takes the bait. Derek gets in the chair and goes to work. The fish pulled a little on the bottom, so I figured it was at least a decent fish, and then he headed to the top. The fish came up within 15 minutes and when we got the swordfish wind-on leader on the reel, the fish went airbone two different times! The fish then headed back down to about 500′ and we had a tug of war for another 30 minutes before getting the fish back to the surface where we sank a couple of gaffs into a healthy 115 lb daytime broadbill! It was Derek’s first ever sword as well as the groups first successful daytime swordfish trip. I was glad the guys didn’t give up hope by mid day even though we didn’t have a bite, but it goes to show you that patience pays and good things come to those who wait. Even if we wouldn’t have caught that swordfish this group of guys knew what they were getting into and were just happy to be out there and learn the Stanczyk Swordfish Technique! I know they’ll be back again! I think a bigger body of fish will show up soon and I hope this summer and fall are as good as last year!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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Catch22 daylight-swordfishing charter


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Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat BnM
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