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2/9/14 Vinnie’s first Broadbill

Vinnie has been coming to Islamorada for years now, and the last 5 years he has spent 2 months staying at Bud n’ Mary’s Marina on the lucky lady houseboat. He enjoys fishing while he’s here, but also just relaxing and sitting in the sun since Connecticut is cold this time of year! Last Sunday was Vinnie’s lucky day, since he had never had the opportunity to go fishing for broadbill swordfish before. So the crew loaded up, with Richard Stanczyk, Charlie, Dave, and Vinnie, and they made a long run to the sword grounds. On the way Capt. Charlie spotted some frigate birds working, and although we catch most of our mahi in the Spring to Fall Months, he thought he’d have a look. There had been a steady south east breeze the past week, which is what we like for mahi. February had been very warm so far this year, and sure enough when they got over by the bird they hooked a nice mahi. Before it was over they had 3 big mahi from 20 – 27 lbs on all at the same time. They managed to get all 3 in the boat, and the day was off to a great start.

February Mahi

February Mahi

They ran another hour and a half to the swordfish grounds and began fishing. They didn’t have any action the first two drops, but on the third drop they got a bite. The fish grabbed the bait and started racing for the surface immediately. The concrete weight had broke off and the fish was coming to the daylight! Vinnie got in the chair and went to work. The fight was like most of them, winding 1800′ of slack line, sometimes not even sure if the fish was on there, but then they got the swordfish wind-on leader on the reel. Now this is where a lot of fights begin. You get them within 100′ and they go nuts! The fish dove down a few hundred feet, then came back up, then zipped side to side. Good boat handling is a must when you have swordfish near the boat. Well after 15 more minutes they had the fish tired out and Vinnie had his first broadbill in the boat! He was very excited!

February broadbill swordfish

February broadbill swordfish

They tried another drift at that spot, but no action. So they ran another 5 miles and tried a couple more drifts, but still no action. The swordfish aren’t swarming right now off Islamorada, but there are a few around. If you make the most of your bites, you can still have a great day of swordfishing anytime of year off Islamorada! When you’re ready to try to luck at a broadbill swordfish send us an email at and we’ll set up a trip!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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BnM daylight-swordfishing charter


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Half-Day $650
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Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat BnM
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