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2/10/15 late January and Early February Swordfishing Report

There’s still been a few swords around this winter off Islamorada Florida Keys. It’s by no means my favorite time to target them, but since late September 2014 the daytime swordfishing has been very consistent. I always tell people you always have a shot at getting a broadbill when you fish off Islamorada! It hasn’t been a ton of big fish, but we’ve had action on every single trip since late September 2014! Only 2 trips since then didn’t yield in atleast 1 broadbill swordfish catch. I fished 2 trips the second half of January and we got 1 broadbill swordfish each trip. We missed a few bites the first trip as well. The first trip we had Emily out for her first time swordfishing. She opted to use the hooker electric and caught her first bite.

1/21/15 swordfish

1/21/15 swordfish

The next trip I had Troy and his buddies out from North Carolina. We decided to do some deep dropping for bottom fish and some deep dropping for swordfish. We used the hooker electric detachable drive motor, which allows you to handcrank in high gear, or attach the motor and use the electric assist. We caught some really nice queen snapper to start off the day.

1/30/15 queen snapper

1/30/15 queen snapper

After I was certain we had dinner covered we went out for a sword. We didn’t get a bite the first drop. The second drop we did though. We hooked the fish with the electric assist, then Troy got in the chair and we detached the electric drive. It wasn’t a monster, but it was Troy’s first ever swordfish so we were excited about that! We took a few pics and then released the fish to fight another day.

1/30/15 broadbill

1/30/15 broadbill

We hooked one more fish after that. We got the fish within 100′ of the windon leader but then unfortunately pulled the hook. Our next trip on the Bn’M II was early February. It was with a couple guys who live in Key’s part time and do quite a bit of swordfishing them selves. We had a decent bite our first drop and boated an 80 lb sword. We made 6 more drops after that, but only had 1 other cheap bite, where the bait came back fine. It was nice to spend the day with some swordfishing enthusiasts though and trade stories.

2/2/15 swordfish

2/2/15 swordfish

My last trip was a couple days ago. It was a rough ride out into the south east wind, but once we made it out it wasn’t too bad. We missed a small bite the first drop. The bait came back a little beat up. The next drop we caught and released a 45” fish. The fish had some gorgeous colors when it came up. I was happy because it was a successful day. Any day you catch a swordfish is a successful day! No matter what size!

2:8:15 swordfish release


2:8:15 broadbill swordfish


Since we had 1 swordfish release we were happy, but of course we wanted another sword! We dropped down again and after a few minutes we hooked up. It was another small fish, but a swordfish nonetheless. We took a few more pics, removed the hook, and sent him on his way.

2:8:15 islamorada swrodfish

2:8:15 islamorada broadbill

We had one more cheap bite, I assume another small fish, in the afternoon. We managed to catch and release 2 swords, so it was a great trip. We didn’t get one for the fish box this time, but there is always next time! Send me an email if you have the patience to try your luck for a sword and I’ll do my best! This year has been a better start than last year so hopefully it continues that way.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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