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12/21/14 Finally back out for Broadbill on the Bn’M II

Well it was a little frustrating here at the end of November with the weather slowing down my swordfishing! The good news was even though we couldn’t swordfish on some of our trips, because it would have been comfortable nor super effective in 20+ knot winds a few weeks ago, we were able to fish the reef and still have fun. Anyhow, I was able to get out yesterday on December 20th with long time customer Anthony from Massachusetts. One fish that was on his bucket list was broadbill swordfish. We had talked about them a few years back, but this was the year we would finally give it a shot. My Dad and Capt. Charlie fished on the Bn’M about a week ago one day, and they released a small broadbill around 30 lbs, and the my uncle, Capt. Scott Stanczyk caught a 60 lb broadbill the day before that, as well as a big 40 lb bull dolphin (mahi). Which was a suprise in Mid December. So I knew there had been a few fish still around, but the question of where to go, since I personally hadn’t swordfished in a month was still there. It was an easy decision, I went to my favorite spot. I hadn’t fished it in a while, so it was due for a visit. We set up a 50 lb stand up rod with 60 lb braid and sent down our first bait around 9 a.m.After drifing for 45 minutes it was time to check the bait. The reel was a hooker electric detachable drive outfit aka hooker electric hand crank special. We fished the reel without the drive attached, but when it came time to check the bait we simply snapped the electric drive to the side of the motor and started bringing the bait up. As the bait was coming up I thought I saw something in the rod tip, but wasn’t sure. We stopped the bait and sure enough we had a whack! The fish played with the bait a few times, and then the rod loaded up. We were tight on a swordfish! I detached the drive with the two quick release locking push buttons and we got Anthony set up in the stand up harness.

12:20:14 standup swordfish rod

The fished raced the weight up for about 5 minutes, and then slowed down. Anthony gained steady the whole time. The fish shook his head a few times to let us know he was there for the next 15 minutes. After about 20 minutes we had the windon leader on the reel. The fish scoped up behind the boat and made a spectacular jump 20′ away. I didn’t have a camera rolling, although I wish I did. The fish was plenty big enough for dinner, so as the fish swam by the boat I stuck him with the 8′ gold gaff. Over the side the fish came.

12:20:14 gaff swordfish

12:20:14 swordfish

It was a chunky 75 lber and we were all excited to have caught a swordfish on the first drop of the day. We made another drop after that, which yielded a bite, but we just couldn’t hook the fish. I think it was a small fish, and the bait came back in good shape. We made one more drop after that without a bite, and Anthony said he was happy that he got his sword, and wanted his wife to do some fishing. So at 11:45 am we ran in shallower and did some deep dropping and caught a bucket full of tasty blackbelly rosefish. They aren’t big, but they sure eat good!

12:20:14 blackbelly rosefish

All in all it was a great day, and I hope the weather holds the next couple of weeks here because I have a few more swordfish charters booked. May – November are my favorite months for sure, but if the weather cooperates you always have a realistic chance at getting a broadbill of Islamorada. Send me an email to if you’d like to try your luck deep dropping for swords in the daytime.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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