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12-4-13 A Swordfish to remember CT!

On December 4th Leon showed up the Bn’M II ready to go daytime swordfishing. He told me he booked the broadbill charter months back with the intention of fishing with his friend CT. Unfortunately CT passed before the fishing trip, but Leon said he wanted to still try to catch a swordfish in honor of his long time friend. I told him we had a chance if we were patient. First we decided to catch dinner on the way to the swordfish grounds just in case the swordfish were to elude us. We caught a couple blackin tuna and a handful of skipjack trolling. I then decided to go do a little bottom fishing at a spot I had caught some queen snapper out the month before. It was our lucky day! Leon had never seen a queen snapper, nor ever ate one. We did about 10 drops, and had bites every time! We wound up catching 4 beautiful queen snapper up to 13 lbs. We lost a few on the way up and some just got the bait off.

12-14-13 queen snapper

Since we now had a nice dinner in the box the pressure was off and it was time to go make some swordfish drops! We ran another 45 minutes and set up on the spot. The first drift didn’t produce any action. The second drift we thought we hooked a fish. But after 5 minutes it didn’t seem like there was anything on there. It can be tricky to tell sometimes when you hook a broadbill and you have out 2000′ of line, and this was tough for me! I thought that maybe one tried to eat the bait and got snagged, and then eventually shook off the hook. When we checked the bait it was fine, so I’m not exactly sure what happened. I told Leon I don’t quite very easily. We both agreed we needed to hook a sword for CT since he never saw one caught, and now since he was watching from above we had to do it. We’ll the 3rd drift was the charm, but it took about 30 minutes to get a bite. The rod bounced around a few times. We moved the bait around, and finally came tight on the fish. I was using my new Hooker Electric Reel Hand-Cranker model (with a removable motor so it can just be a standard conventional reel as well).

12-14-13 hooker electric hand cranker

After about 30 minutes we had the fish on the leader and we decided we were gonna take the fish home for dinner. Leon said he loved to eat swordfish, but had never had it fresh. He was in for a surprise! We boated the 80 lb fish and headed for the dock. We cleaned up the snapper and swordfish and Leon had plenty of fish for him and his wife to enjoy!

12-4-13 gaff sword

I was really glad we got Leon his first broadbill swordfish, and I was even happier he did it for his friend CT. He may not have been on the boat that day, but he was in Leon’s heart.

12-4-13 bnm II

I have some more trips booked at the end of the months for daytime swords, but hopefully I’ll be out before then and have a report for you guys soon!

Till then,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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