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12-27-13 Ending 2013 with a Broadbill

Well 2013 has almost came to an end. We’ve worked hard to catch swordfish this year, and learned quite a bit throughout the season. This was the toughest year we faced so far since redefining the daytime Swordfishery. The fishing wasn’t easy, and we burned a lot of fuel and covered a lot of miles. We did put quite a few people though on their first ever swordfish though, so we are happy about that. On December 27th I had young Sean and his family on the Bn’M II. Last year in December we put Sean on his first sailfish, but this time he wanted a swordfish. The weather was a little windy and a little rough, but it looked like the best day of the two we had booked. We started out by stopping at the “hump”. We trolled for some tuna just to break the ice, and hooked up pretty quick. The only bad news was the sharks were faster than us and ate both our tunas. We finally managed to get a couple small blackfin tuna in the box, so at least we had a sushi appetizer if nothing else. Before we left we thought if we could put Sean on a Shark that would be good practice for using the fighting chair if we hooked a broadbill later. It didn’t take long to hook a shark, and Sean went to work. After a 30 minute fight we had a 300 + lb Dusky Shark boatside! We took a couple pics and released the shark.

12-27-13 dusky shark

12-27-13 dusky shark

We then ran another 45 minutes until we hit the swordfish ledge. We set up, sent a bait down, and started drifting. We hooked something small, because it kept swimming the bait up, but it pulled off when we check our bait. I’m not sure what it was, but the exact same thing happened again the next drop. I assume they were small fish, and just shook lose on the way up. Anyhow, it was unusual and we didn’t see them. The next two drifts lasted over an hour a piece, but still no swordfish bites. The wind was picking up and the seas were building, but I wanted to try one more drop. We chugged a couple miles into the sea, and set up. We sent down a great looking bait, with lots of action. After 30 minutes without a bite we all figured the day was over. But then Josh thought he saw a bite. Nothing happened for a minute though, so we figured it wasn’t anything. But then we saw life on the rod. We were tight! We were hooked up! Sean got in the chair and went to work!


12-27-13 battle swordfish

12-27-13 battle swordfish

Recently I have started using the hooker electric hand crank special with detachable motor on some of my charters, and it has been working great! The weather conditions and fishing conditions dictate which deep drop method I like to use each day, and with the rough seas we elected to leave the weight on, and this way when we didn’t get a bite we could bring it up with the 12v motor. But when the time came and we got a swordfish bite, we simply detached the motor, moved the rod to the chair, and Sean got to battle his first broadbill on rod and reel. The fish came up slow and then made a few jumps on the leader. The fish wasn’t a monster, but “a sword’s a sword”. We decided to tag and release the fish, even though it was a legal fish.

12-27-13 broadbill

12-27-13 broadbill

After taking a quick picture in the boat we put the fish back in the water and revived him. The fish had brilliant coolers and was a very pretty fish. We had to cancel my trip for today, due to the weather, but hopefully I’ll be back out there soon with a good report! See you in 2014!

12-27-13 swordfish release

12-27-13 swordfish release

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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