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12-1-13 December Daytime Swordfishing

Well it had been nearly a month since I had been out in search of the greatest game-fish of them all, broadbill swordfish. This trip was booked a year and a half ago, but the weather had changed the charter date 3 different times!  And one time I went to speak at a fundraising seminar. Well, 4th time’s a charm. The weather was decent all day long, and by the end of the day it was very nice. We had Trent from Palm Beach, and his brother in law Vince from Indiana, as well as Vince’s 10 year old son. The skies were clear, the air was a little cool, and it was our day to try to put Vince on his first sword! First drop we drifted over an hour, but no bites. I was a little worried, but moved back in and re set. This time we got a bite pretty quickly. The fish hit the bait multiple times, and finally got hooked for a couple seconds, but then the line went slack. Good new was there was a sword down there, bad new was we still were trying to hook and land one!

12-1-13 fight swordfishWell we rigged back up and send down another bait. It only took a few minutes and we got a bite. The fish played with the bait for a minute and we were tight! Vince moved over to the chair and went to work. The fish came up at a steady pace and then when we got the fish to the wind on leader he started making some irratic moves. I was sure how big the fish was, but I had a sneaking suspicion he may be foul hooked. The fish went down about 100′, and Vince pumped him back up. We got the leader and we had Vince his first broadbill Swordfish! It wasn’t a monster, but it was about a 50 lber.

12-1-13 daytime swordfish

He was happy as he could be (probably because there ain’t any swordfish in Indiana!). We sent down another bait and this time got a bite within two minutes, but we just couldn’t hook the fish. 1600′ down is a long way away, and hooking them can be tricky! We made a few more drops with no bites and then headed for the barn. Any day you catch a sword is a great day, so we were happy and flew our sword flag when we reached the dock in Islamorada. I know they will be back for another day in the Gulf Stream chasing swords soon!

swordfish boat

Capt. Scott fished aboard the Catch 22 the next day, but the bite had turned off. They did catch an unusual pomfret about 18 lbs, but every day is different when big game fishing, especially swordfishing. I have a few more trips this month, so I hope there we get our shots at them!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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