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  • 12 hour trip


11-26-12 Hot Broadbill Bite for the Bn’M

Swordfishing in November is one of my favorite times to be out there off Islamorada. The Late Fall bite can be as good or even better than the rest of the year if the weather allows. We ran 2 hours and 15 minutes to get out for some Daytime Broadbill action, and it didn’t take long to get a bite. Our first drift on the Bn’M we got a bite within 5 minutes, but we didn’t hook the fish right away. We were patient and about 10 minutes later we got another bite and were tight. Vic got in the chair with the 80 w reel and went to work. We had 1700′ of line out and after about 15 minutes of cranking we had the 100′ windon leader in sight. The fish made a run of a few hundred feet and we thought we might have a decent size fish on. After 10 more minutes we had the fish to the boat and it was a foul hooked sword, snagged right infront of the dorsal fin. The fish was small so we released him. The next drop took about 30 minutes to get a bite. Vic hooked the sword and got back in the chair. This fish came up quick and made a good jump 20′ from the boat, and we all noticed the swordfish was missing his sword! After a 30 minute fight we took the fish and it was about 90 lbs. The fish was skinny, probably because he didn’t have his bill to help him eat for a while. The bone was healed up just past his lower jaw. The next drop we hooked up after 45 minutes and this fish raced up too. Unfortunately the fish started swinging his bill around and we saw our bait fly out of his mouth. It was a nice fish, at least 125 lbs. We re grouped and made a little move and our next drop yielded a deep water hake, about ┬álbs. A first for us out there in 1650′ of water. We dropped back down and this time caught about a 50 lb sword. We ran back down the ledge and dropped again. Unfortunately we pulled the hook about 1/2 way up from the bottom. It was getting late now but we still had a little time. We sent down a fresh bait and immediately were hooked up! This time we caught about a 60 lb swordfish. We were 4 for 6 on Florida Keys Swordfish at this point, but I thought we might be able to get 5, which I haven’t done yet this season. We sent down a bait and waited till sunset, but no more bites. We were stoked to have caught 4 broadbill but can’t blame a fisherman for wanting one more.

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Catch22 daylight-swordfishing charter


Full-Day $1,400
  • -Big & Fast
  • -Luxurious
  • -Air Conditioning
  • -6-person Capacity


Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat “Catch22”
Booking fee: $150
BnM daylight-swordfishing charter


Full-Day $1,000
Half-Day $650
  • -Comfortable
  • -Roll-up enclosure
  • -Takes 4 passengers
  • -Affordable


Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat BnM
Booking fee: $500