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10/9/14 Daytime Swordfish Report and Underwater swordfish video at 1600′!

I finally got a chance to get the underwater swordfish video we shot in 1600′ up on You tube last night, and it turned out pretty good. Unfortunately the bait was tangled around the line/camera housing, but it still didn’t stop the broadbill swordfish from swimming around the camera multiple times, and finally attacking the bait while hitting the camera housing. When he attacked the bait he got his bill wrapped in the leader for a few seconds, thrashing violently before shaking loose. Enjoy!


The morning I did my last swordfish report Capt. Charlie fished on the Bn’M and had a great trip. The hand cranked all day and went 3 for 4 on swords, including a 167 lb , another one a little over 100, and a small one around 40 lbs. It was Ben’s first daytime swordfish charter and one that won’t be forgotten!

10:4:14 bnm sword

I fished the next day on the Bn’M II and had Steward from Miami down. He had never seen a swordfish and was excited to try. I told him about how good it was the past week, but reminded him that the two best days of fishing are usually yesterday and tomorrow. Another major concern I had was that we had a weak cold front blow through the night before, and I knew it might have shaken things up offshore on the sword ledge! We ran out in the 18 – 20 knot winds, which wasn’t too bad, and fortunately that boat drifts really nice, so the 4 – 6 foot swells and waves didn’t phase us too much. The current had picked up tremendously from what it was the week prior, but we kept at it and just went to heavier leads. Finally at 1 p.m. we hooked up. We had so much line out it was tough to tell if the fish was on there sometimes, but luckily he stayed connected. We used the hooker electric detachable drive reel, and Stewart was happy using the electric assist the first half of the fight. Once we got the fish within 500′ we took the motor off the side and Stewart went to hand cranking. The fish came to the surface and made a couple good jumps around the boat. We decided to keep the fish, which was around 75 lbs, and Stewart was excited to bring some fresh fish home for dinner!

10:5:14 bnm ii swordfish

We made a couple more drifts, one came back with a bait that looked like it had been whacked by a sword, but we never saw the bite. Probably because it was rough and we had about 3500′ of line out. We called it a day after that and headed back to Bud n’ Mary’s Marina. My next charter was a couple days later. I had Nick, JP, and Josh from Louisiana out on the Bn’M II. The morning was quite again, but sure enough around lunch time we hooked up. We went to lighter tackle that day to use strict hand crank, and my choice was 60 lb tuf line xp braid on a 50 wide reel on a key largo swordfish special rod. Josh was up first, and after about a 15 minute power cranking session we had the sword on the leader. We pulled it in the boat for a quick picture and then let him go to fight another day.

10:7:14 swordfish

We fished a couple more hours with no more bites. It was getting late in the afternoon and I said let me make one more drop. Nick needed a broadbill swordfish, as it was one of the only 2 species of billfish he hasn’t caught. Sure enough it paid off! at 4 pm we hooked up! The fish fought a little different, but eventually came to the surface. It wound up being foul hooked (which isn’t uncommon for swordfish) in the dorsal fin.

10:7:14 daytime swordfish

The fish made a couple good short runs around the boat, a nice jump, and then we grabbed him by the bill and took a couple quick pics before letting him go. Nick was happy and it was high fives all around. The rest of October and November should be prime time to catch a swordfish, so email me at if you want to try your luck for a broadbill swordfish!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

10:7:14 broadbill


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