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10/4/14 Red Hot Swordfish bite at the end of September and into early October

The past week has reminded me of the “good ol’ days” here while daytime swordfishing in Islamorada. My last 3 trips we have managed 10 broadbill swordfish, and the trip before that we managed 1 in some sloppy conditions. The first trip I took about a week ago we had some wind 15 – 20 knots, and quite a few squalls around. It was less than desirable fishing conditions, but John needed to scratch a broadbill swordfish off his bucket list! We fished a couple years ago one day and lost one, but this time we caught our bite! It wasn’t a monster, right around 60 lbs, but it was John’s first and he’ll never forget it! The past 5 days the bite has been on fire, and the weather settle way down and we had perfect fishing conditions! Our 2nd trip on my last little stretch here we started off catching a few blackfin tuna on the hump. After we had half a dozen in the box we headed out to deep drop for swords. Sure enough first drop we hooked a fish within 5 minutes. It wound up being a 40 lb fish, which we took a couple pics of and then released him. A couple hours later we hooked another sword, which we landed, around 75 lbs. We missed the next couple bites as there was a little flurry, but right at the end of the day we got a good hook set on a 100 lb sword. We also managed about 10 mahi while we were drifting for swords. It was an great trip, and everyone onboard had a blast!

9:29:14 swordfish

My Next trip was a fun trip aboard our 24′ pathfinder bay boat. The weather was just right with 5 – 8 knot winds, and 1′ seas. We headed out after sunrise to try to show Karoline (My first mates girlfriend), her first swordfish. We also we planned on experimenting with our Hooker electric deep water camera housing. Too make a great day short in words, we managed 4 broadbill swordfish on the hooker electric fishing reel, anywhere from 40 – 120 lbs. We missed one bite that day, but the good thing was we had our camera down with the bait that drop! My girlfriend Sara was more excited about getting home and looking at the video than anything else. When we watched the video we realized we had tangled the bait around the camera housing by dropping it a little too fast, but the better news was we had a swordfish enter the frame multiple times! When he tried to eat the bait it was hanging on the camera housing, but his bill got stuck in the loop of mono for a few seconds and we had him on camera down 1600 feet! It was a success, but now we have to do it better and get one eating the bait and being caught!

10:1:14 daytime swordfish

10:1:14 gaff broadbill

10:1:14 broadbill

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 6.19.04 AM

My Next trip was on the pathfinder bay boat again since we had some calm weather with Sara and my friends Frank and Helen ( and their dog Roy). Helen had never seen a swordfish caught, so she was looking forward to the day. The first drop we hooked a fish for a couple minutes, but unfortunately he pulled off. The next drop we didn’t get a bite. It was a little discouraging, but I didn’t lose hope. the next two drops we caught fish on each of them. They were around 60 lbs each. The next drop after that we didn’t get a bite. We decided to make one more drift and then call it a day after that. I moved spots, and sure enough we got a bite. I assumed it was another small fish, but when we hooked him he raced to the surface so I knew it had to be a decent fish. Helen did a good job working the reel and we got the 100 lb fish on the leader. He was racing around the boat. I missed the fish with the harpoon a couple times, but then Frank got a good gaff shot on him. It was a great way to end the day and everyone was smiling. On the way home we stopped on a weedline and caught a handful of mahi to top it off.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.37.24 PM

release swordfish

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.40.57 PM

It’s been one of the best weeks swordfishing I’ve had in years, and I know it won’t last forever, but if you ever wanted to book a charter and try now is as good as time as any! email me at

Tight Lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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