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10/27/15 Tim’s 462 lb MONSTER Broadbill!!

I fished 4 trips the last couple weeks, but unfortunately had to cancel my last 7 because it’s been too rough. When it blows 18 – 25 knots its super uncomfortable to drift in the gulf stream and wait for a strike. Also things on the boat break when it rough. Anyhow we had 3 fish our first trip, from 30 – 70 lbs, but then got skunked our next trip! I wasn’t happy about getting skunked, so the next day I was out to get even with them. Here’s the story.

Nancy surprised Tim with a fishing trip for his 60th birthday party, but I told her I wasn’t going to jump out of a cake. They met us at 7 am and we headed out. After two hours we made it to the sword ledge and started fishing. We rigged up the Shimano beastmaster 9000 and sent down a bait. After 20 minutes hooked up. Tim brought up a 45″ fish, which we tagged and released. Second drop we hooked up again, and we tagged and released a 46″ swordfish. Everyone was happy, but we still didn’t have a keeper for dinner. Next drop we missed a bite. I moved a little to the next spot and Charlie sent down another squid. This time Tim hooked up within 2 minutes! The bite was on fire! After a 30 minute fight Tim had a 75 lber boat side! Charlie reached out and gaffed the fish. Nancy and Tim were very happy and it was a great start to the 60th birthday fishing trip!

shimano beast master sword

shimano beast master sword

But the big surprise came on the next drop. We sent down another bait and within a couple minutes the rod loaded up. The fish didn’t play around with the bait, she just ate it. The fish moved in the water Column fast, and headed offshore. She started heading right towards another boat in the area. We got the weight off after an hour, but still hadn’t seen the fish. Tim stayed steady on the fish, and everyone was patient. An hour later the fish broke the surface. She was big, a giant to say the least. We all estimated her at 350-400 lbs. The fish headed down to the bottom at this point. At 4 hours into the fight the fish came back up. We had over 20 lbs of drag on the fish, plus added extra pressure with our hands. Charlie loaded the Skurge of the Sea harpoon, but the fish never gave us a shot. She went back down another 500′. Tim stayed right on her though, and gained when he could. At 5 hours we had the fish on the leader. She never tired out, she was hooked perfect in the corner and still swimming strong. The fish was 20′ away and Charlie took his shot. We weren’t sure how deep the Harpoon went in, but he threw it hard and hit the fish mid body. We had a little insurance now, but The fight wasn’t over. The fish just got angrier. We had the harpoon on a second rod, and with 50 lbs of drag combined between the two rods the fish went down another 400′. I was feeling a little out gunned at this point, but finally the fish slowed down. At 5 hours and 30 minutes into the fight we got the leader and I ran down and hit the fish with the straight gaff, and then a second gaff. The fight was over.

10/14/15 462 lb broadbill

10/14/15 462 lb broadbill

nick stanczyk 462 lb swordfish

nick stanczyk 462 lb swordfish


It was a battle that tested the tackle to the max, tested our patience, and everything worked out. The sun had just set when we pulled the fish in the boat, and we headed for the scale. The fish had a short length of 96″ and a girth of 54″. She wound up weighing in a 462 lbs! It was a fish of a lifetime and a battle and a half!! I know Tim and Nancy will remember this birthday fishing trip for a long time and we will too!

Bn'M 462 lb broadbill swordfish

Bn’M 462 lb broadbill swordfish

I also fished the next day and we had 3 bites with Patrick. We landed one about 95 lbs and it was his first sword ever, so it was another successful day!

10/15/15 swordfish bnm

10/15/15 swordfish bnm

I’ll be fishing the Bn’M the next few months until I get my new 37 Freeman. November is still one of my favorite months to fish if weather allows, so send me an email to if you want to try your luck!

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