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10/19/14 Great Swordfish bite continues!

The daytime swordfish bite has been the best I’ve seen in years here my last few trips. I started fishing after the Full Moon last Saturday on the 11th. We fished both Saturday and Sunday and each day we had the same story. We had 3 fish on the wind-on leader both trips, and managed to put one in the boat for dinner each day. On Saturday I had Glen from Massachusetts out, and the first fish was a good one, well over 100 lbs, but we pulled the hook around 25′ away. We lost a little one after that and then missed a cheap bite. We didn’t give up though, and everything worked out because late in the afternoon we scored with an 80 lb swordfish. It was a little rough that morning too, but the seas calmed down for the ride home and we had a fish in the boat so we were happy. The next day I had Bill and his friends out. Sure enough we lost 2 small fish on the leader that day, we could see them on the surface though, and I knew satisfaction wasn’t far away. Again around lunch time we put a chunky 100+ lber on the deck. We missed one more after that.

10:12:14 swordfish

After the successful weekend my next trip was a few days later. We had action on 7 of 9 drops this trip, although a few bites were “cheap” and they only hit the bait once or twice. We got 3 on the wind on leader, keeping one for dinner around 75 lbs and releasing a pup to fight another day. I could tell the fish didn’t want to eat the bait this day, and many of the fish seemed to be on the small side, but the next day we were better prepared!

10:15:14 broadbill

We switched up our bait and hook size for the next trip, and the following morning left early with the Georgia boys! None of them had ever been swordfishing, but I told them we had a good shot. They said if they saw one it would make their trip, and they had been following us for a while. I told them it was better a few years ago, but you never know. They looked at me funny when I pulled out my breakfast, which was a banana. I told them not to worry.

10:16:14 bad luck banana

The first drop we missed a small bite. The next drop though we hooked up shortly into it and were tight! We caught a 46” fish, took a few pics, and sent him on his way. The fish was wrapped up though, so I had a feeling the may be in the same feeding pattern as the day before. We had bites our next few drops, but nothing to show for it. Right about lunch time it was feeding time, and we caught 4 more in a row! None of the fish were big, but we kept 1 for dinner and released the rest. We hooked one that stayed deep for a few minutes, so I’m sure it was a decent one.

10:16:14 underwater sword

10:16:14 broadbill

Another odd food specimen came out of the swordfish when we filleted him. It was another mangrove snapper! That’s two in the past month! The question is ” are the fish feeding on them shallow, or are the snapper migrating across the deep and being preyed upon?”

10:16:14 swordfish snapper

I had Miguel out a couple days later from Mexico. We caught a couple swords together earlier in the year. After catching 5 swords my last trip, I told him we could go to a different area and hope for a big one. He said he was up for anything. The first two drops nothing. So I asked him, “What would make a swordfish captain move spots from where a couple days earlier he caught 5 swordfish?” Finally on the 3rd drop we got a bite. We wound up catching around a 50 lber. It was a start and we weren’t skunked! We reset and made another drift. This time we hooked the fish we wanted. We took the Hooker Electric Detachable drive off the reel and moved it to the chair.

10:18:14 battle swordfish

The fish came up to about 50′ from the boat, and I knew he was 150 plus. I told Miguel this is the one we wanted. The fish went down for an hour, but sure enough Miguel kept steady pressure on him and after a good fight we were able to boat the fish. It was a great fight and it payed off going to a different spot! Not sure what made me go there, but we did. The fish was just shy of 200 lbs and it was the biggest one I have caught in a few months.

10:18:14 daytime swordfish

10:18:14 broadbill

10:19:14 swordfish

We decided to fish the rest of the afternoon, and had a few more shots, but unfortunately they all escaped. On the very lost drop we had around a 75 lb on the wind on leader about 30′ away. We pulled the hook on the leader, but it was nice to see the fish swim away healthy. The next couple weeks could still be great fishing as long as the weather cooperates, so shoot me an email to and let me know if we can get out there together to chase broadbill swordfish!

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