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  • 4 anglers
  • Custom gear
  • No fuel surcharge
  • 12 hour trip


10-9-12 Swordfish Trip aboard the BNM

The Fall months are some of my favorite to target broadbill swordfish. The weather can be the only thing that deters us, but this past Tuesday the weather was just right. The winds were light, the seas were calm, and the sun was out, making for some ideal October Swordfishing Conditions. We left at 7 a.m. with Carl, Mike, and David aboard the BNM, and they were ready for action. We ran 2 hours out, and I explained to them that we had a good shot, and a single fish was our goal. Mike was the only one who had ever caught swordfish before, but only at night. They decided Carl was up first. We sent down the bait in 1800′ of water and started staring at the rod tip. After about 15 minutes everybody realized it was going to be an instant thing, and they carried on in casual conversation. I noticed a very subtle bite, and then a more aggressive whack. After a few minutes of toying with the fish, he finally decided to eat the bait. Carl got in the chair and went to work. After about 20 minutes we were able to sink the gaffs into a healthy 146# Broadbill. Everybody was happy and the trip was a success. We reset after catching the fish and sent down another bait. David decided he would go next if the luck continued. We drifted about 40 minutes without any bites, so we wound up the bait to make another drift. We sent down a fresh bait and within two minutes we had a whack. This fish ate the bait pretty quickly and David got in the chair. After hand cranking about 2000′ of line we had a 75 lb swordfish boatside. We decided to make one more drop since it was still fairly early, right about noon. We sent down a squid and within 10 minutes were tight again! This fish was fighting down deep, pulling some drag so i figured it was a decent one. After about 20 minutes the line went slack, and I thought the fish got off. Since we had already caught 2 fish it didn’t bother me too much. But after Mike cranked up 500′ of slack the fish was actually only 100′ behind the boat charging at us! A squall moved in at this time and the rain and wind picked up for a little while, but after 20 more minutes we boated a 125# Sword for Mike. It was a tremendous Islamorada Swordfishing Trip  as we headed back to Bud N Mary’s Marina. But before we made it back to the dock we saw a frigate bird in 700′ of water and caught a nice 20 lb mahi for the icing on the cake. I think we’ll be seeing these boys again! Congrats on the swordfish guys!

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Catch22 daylight-swordfishing charter


Full-Day $1,400
  • -Big & Fast
  • -Luxurious
  • -Air Conditioning
  • -6-person Capacity


Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat “Catch22”
Booking fee: $150
BnM daylight-swordfishing charter


Full-Day $1,000
Half-Day $650
  • -Comfortable
  • -Roll-up enclosure
  • -Takes 4 passengers
  • -Affordable


Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat BnM
Booking fee: $500