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10-22/23-13 The Aussie goes Broadbillin’

Every day when I wake up for a daytime swordfish charter I tell myself the same thing. “Today could be the day”. No, not every trip is great, but every now and again things go smoothly, the weather is great, and the fish BITE! Yesterday was one of those days. We had Matt and Tara here all the way from Australia to learn how to catch daytime broadbill. Matt said even if we didn’t catch one he’d be happy just to see the techniques and methods we use. Then he could apply them back at home in Australia and target the elusive swordfish.

10-22-13 sunrise

Everything felt good yesterday when we reached the sword grounds. We sent down the first bait and after 20 minutes we lost our concrete sinker. I’m not sure how it happened exactly, but the bait came up in tack. We rigged back up and sent down the bait again. Sure enough about 5 minutes into it, tap tap tap. The rod tip bounced a few times we were were hooked up. Matt got in the chair and after a 20 minute crank, had his very first swordy next to the boat. The fish was around 60 lbs, which we took a quick picture off, then placed a “tag” in it, before releasing.

10-22-13 tag and release sword

It was high fives all around and everyone was happy. The next drop, Bam! The rod just loaded up this time, no whacks or anything. The fish came to the surface quickly and Matt wound the fish within 30 feet of the leader. The fish then made some big head shakes and went back down over 600 feet. I knew it was a big fish.

10-22-13 fight sword

After another 30 minutes Matt had the fish about 100′ away, but then unfortuanately the hooks pulled. There’s no telling how big the swordfish was, but I know it was a good one. Matt was tired after that, and Tara wasn’t feeling up to cranking in 2000 feet of line, so first mate Hank was up next while Matt cooled down. We send down another bait and wait. No bites. We rig up a fresh bait and make another drop, tap tap. The rod tip bounces as the sword whacks the bait, then the rod loads up. Hanks gets in the chair and after 20 minutes we have a 50 lb sword behind the boat. Matt leaders the fish and I place another “tag” in it’s shoulder, and we release the second sword of the day.


Matt is ready for more action and gets ready to get back in the chair for the next drift. We send a bait down and whack whack. We get a good bite. We play with the fish for a few minutes and then are Tight. The rod tip bends towards the water and the fish starts moving fast. The line goes slack, then tight, then slack, then tight, then slack, and the fish heads towards the surface. I put the gloves on this time to get the leader and up pops a nice fish! I take a wrap and the fish is out of energy all ready. The hooks had his mouth pinch shut, so we decide to keep this one. The fish is a solid 160 lbs! Everyone is ecstatic again.


10-22-13 matt sword

We decide to try for one more. We drop down and get another bite. After a few minutes the fish leaves the bait and we never get hooked up on him. We decide to make another quick drift, but no bite. It’s time to head for home though, and the day is a great success. After all we had the next day to fish too.

Today appeared like it was going to be a repeat of yesterday. Great weather, similar current, same area, but it would prove to be different for us. We didn’t get any bites the first couple hours, but then we did get a good bite. The fish comes back 4 or 5 times, and we finally hook it. The rod bent over and line was coming off steady, but then the fish was gone. We pulled the hooks. It was definitely another good fish. The next couple hours were quite, but then we did get another bite. It wasn’t super aggressive, and we never come tight. The next 4 hours were dead, no action at all. It’s now getting to be late in the day, and we want a swordfish! We rigged up 2 rods for the next drift and sent them down. The first rod gets a bite. We tried to feed the fish, but he just slashed up the bait. We start to wind that rod up, and then the second rod get a bite. I’m working the rod, but I just can’t hook the fish. I have a feeling it’s a small fish, but the old saying goes, “a sword’s a sword”. The fish whacks the bait 15 times. I move the bait all over, and almost gave up. But one last drop back and I come tight! Matt forces Hank back into the chair, and he grabs the leadering gloves. After a 20 minute fight we get the leader. It’s a juvenile broadbill, but had some amazing colors of blue, purple, and silver.


I put a tag in the fish, we take a quick pic, and let him swim off back towards the depths. When it’s late in the day and you don’t have any fish yet on the score board, even the small ones can be extremely satisfying.

10-23-13 tagged swordfish

It was a great couple of days, and Matt should be armed and ready now for the swords when he gets back to Australia. We were happy to tag and release 3 and keep 1 for dinner over the two days. November is coming up and that is one of my favorite months to swordfish, so send me an email if you’d like to try to get out.

10-22-13 riding home

Tight Lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

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