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  • 4 anglers
  • Custom gear
  • No fuel surcharge
  • 12 hour trip


10-15-12 BNM catches 4 Broadbill Swordfish

The wind really blew here the past few days in Islamorada. Today was the first day that it let up enough for us to get out in search of the elusive Broadbill Swordfish. We had George, George Jr., and Fred aboard the BNM for a daytime swordfish charter. The Fall is probably my favorite time to get out for swords, but you have to watch the weather. We ran for 2 hours before setting down our first swordfish bait. We let out the swordfish wind on leader and sent down a bonito strip. Within about 10 minutes we had a bite and George Jr. got in the chair and caught about a 60 lb swordfish. Not a monster but a sword is a sword in my book. He decided he would try again so we sent down another bait and after about 30 minutes we hooked up again. George Jr. fought this fish about 25 minutes before catching it, it was a foul hooked 30 lber which we took a quick picture of before releasing it. We were all happy having caught 2 swords by 10:30 a.m. and then decided it was Fred’s turn for a sword. We sent down a squid and within about 10 minutes we had a whack. The fish didn’t take the bait right away, but after about 3 minutes of playing with the bait we finally hooked the sword. After 35 minutes Fred caught his first daytime sword, which was about 75 lbs. Just being a little after lunch we decided to give George Sr. a try. We hit bottom and within 2 minutes George Sr. was tight! After about 20 minutes we had a 25 lb broadbill boatside. We removed the hook and sent him on his way. We made one more drop which didn’t yield anything, but everyone was satisfied knowing we had caught 4 broadbill swordfish in a single outing. We headed back to Bud N’ Mary’s Marina and all decided we were gonna get out again in the future and look for the big girl. Congrats to camera man Tyler Sultenfuss on getting an awesome picture of a sword at the transom of the BNM. ┬áRemember, all these swords are caught on NON-ELECTRIC, conventional reels.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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Catch22 daylight-swordfishing charter


Full-Day $1,400
  • -Big & Fast
  • -Luxurious
  • -Air Conditioning
  • -6-person Capacity


Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat “Catch22”
Booking fee: $150
BnM daylight-swordfishing charter


Full-Day $1,000
Half-Day $650
  • -Comfortable
  • -Roll-up enclosure
  • -Takes 4 passengers
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Reservation fee for Swordfishing Charter - boat BnM
Booking fee: $500