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10-10-13 After 30 years Gary settles the score with a sword!

Last year I took Gary and his son out on a daytime swordfishing charter. We had a few strikes, but just didn’t connect. Gary told me how swordfish had always intrigued him. He had read a lot about them, and even remembered hearing about the first ones caught at night off Miami in the 1970’s. After having a few shots on last years trip he was ready to get back out with us and seal the deal. He came down in July, but we had really windy weather and had to cancel. Which was unusual since the summer months are typically calmer. We rescheduled for August, and sure enough the morning of the trip we were looking at 20 knot winds, I said lets try for October. Luckily we didn’t get blown out for a 3rd time in a row, and we headed out at 7 a.m. I fished a few days before and figured the sword action might be similar with time of day, so on the way we stopped for a little “deep drop” action. Tilefish and snapper were the target in 700′ of water with chicken rigs. Tilefish and snapper is what we caught! Gary caught 2 nice queen snappers up to 11 lbs, and Larry caught 4 blueline tilefish up to 9.5 lbs.

queen snapper and blueline tilefish

queen snapper and blueline tilefish

Since we spent about an hour doing that I knew it was time to head to the sword grounds. Everyone was happy we had dinner in the box. We ran another 45 minutes to where I had all my swordfish bites the trip before and we send down the first bait. After an hour drift with no action we reel it up and reset. Instead of trying the same area I run 2 more miles and try a spot I hadn’t been to in a while. We send down a fresh bait and within 3 minutes, tap tap tap! The swordfish is whacking the bait, but just not eating it. We fool around with the fish for another 3 minutes, but just can’t get it hooked. He eventually beats the bait to a mangled mess and we check it out. The bait is trashed and I know we need to get another one down. We reset on the same spot and send one down. We hit bottom and within 2 minutes there he is. This fish is tricky too, being more finicky than usual. I think he got the best of us, but then the rod loads up. Gary gets in the chair and goes to work. After about 20 minutes the fish surfaces and It’s about a 65 lb broadbill, not a monster, but plenty big enough for dinner! We boat the fish and take a couple pics.

Bn'M II Swordfish

Bn’M II swordfish

Gary is ecstatic and tired from cranking up a fish from 1700′, but we decide to make a couple more drops to see if we can get Larry on a sword. The next drop takes a while to get a bite, but right before we check the bait we get a few whacks. We never came tight on the fish and check it out. The bait had a few slashes in it, but that was it. I suspect there are quite a few juvenile fish around right now, and that is part of the reason we have been struggling with the hook ups. We make one more drop with no bite and then head for Islamorada. The wind picked up and it was a choppy ride home, but we had plenty of great eating fish in the box, and everyone was happy! The rest of October and all of November look like they may be the best swordfishing months for 2013, so send me an email if you’d like to try for one!

Bn'M II catch

Bn’M II catch

Tight Lines,

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


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